Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bucket Bed

Before I went to bed, I peeked in Hunter's room to check on him. I couldn't see him anywhere. His blinds were pulled up and his window open. His power ranger blanket was entirely covering his "ball" bin. I lifted the corner to glance underneath and I found my son like so:

Silver Falls Hike

When RJ and I were dating, one of my health teachers offered extra credit for hiking the Y. I told RJ and he agreed to go with me (amazingly neither of us had done it in the four years we had attended BYU). We huffed and puffed but didn't dare slow down in order to impress the other with our fitness level. When we reached the top, RJ had suprised me with a little picnic lunch of PBJ's and grapes. We knew then that we weren't hikers but every few years we do some kind of hike to reaffirm that fact. One of our (Christmas) dates that I planned for the month of May was to hike Silver Falls. I arranged for a babysitter and we took off like intrepid explorers with an expansion of or original lunch- PBJ, grapes, yellow peppers, water or gaterade, chips and hostess cupcakes (I obviously took care of the picnic this time).

Fall #1 The tallest

Fall #2

We kissed in front of each waterfall but I have spared you some of the action and only included 3 kissing shots.

Some of the falls were such that you could walk behind them. Here's a picture from the side of #2.

Fall #3

Fall #4 "Double Falls"

Originally some friends were going to join us but weren't able to make it. I flip flopped in my mind of whether or not we should still go. I was anxious about walking in silence for hours. Though it would have been fun to have had company, we had a great time laughing and visiting the whole way.

It was quite cold when we arrived. I would have zipped my jacket up over my face had the zipper continued. Here we are about ready for lunch.

Fall #5

Fall #6
There weren't many benches along the way so we shared a small wet beside this waterfall to eat our lunch.

RJ's wandering eyes

Fall #8

Fall #9
This fall was probably my favorite. I could here it way before we got there. When we walked underneath (behind) it, it sounded like an airplane flying overhead. The water pressure was high because the opening was so small. There was a big pointy rock that the waterfall was beating against.

Fall #10

Fall #7
This waterfall was a small detour on the way around our loop. That's why it is out of order. We just took a picture from the origination of the fall.

I was so proud of us for finishing the 8.7 mile loop and look, we're still smiling!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hunter and Mrs. Krissy

Hunter has been at First Christian for 3 years. He has had Mrs. Krissy for 2 of those years. He loves her so much. She really loves her job and always expresses appreciation to and for Hunter. Here's what she wrote about him on his last day:
"I can hardly believe Hunter and I had two years together. He is such a sweet, caring, fun, and helpful boy. He listens and follows directions so well! In fact he could probably come back and teach class! Hunter tries hard in all he does, and he does a great job! I will miss having him in my class. He will do great in kindergarten, and whatever else he decides to do. Thank you for sharing him with me!!"

Girl Time

After Christine's hectic 2010 beginnings, she really needed a restful day with other women. I figured we could all use some of that. The girls arrived friday night and we stayed up until 2 a.m. gabbing (so much for resting). We dubbed Saturday, Project Day and pulled out some of those unfinished projects. We had a ton of fun! A big thanks to all the dads who took care of each of our broods. A specific shout out to RJ who helped me so much with cleaning the house and helping with other preparations. His good attitude with clearing the kids out of the house for the day almost persuaded me that he was having as much fun as I was.

Good times!

Beth is 20 weeks further along than me. Here are the soon to be cousins bonding.

Grandpa's Birthday

Grandma had surgery on her nose and was recovering during Grandpa's birthday. We decided to drive down to take care of Grandma and keep her company. We also wanted Grandpa to have a decent birthday dinner/party.

Grandpa wanted to make his cake with the kids. He let them pick the flavor of the cake and frosting.

He let the kids do everything! He was so patient when they cracked the eggs too hard and yoke oozed down the corner of the counter. Or when McKenna spilled some oil on the counter.

He taught Hunter about preheating the oven.

They all enjoyed a taste of strawberry cake batter. What a fun time with Grandpa!
I made him chicken enchiladas and a card. The kids sang "Give Said the Little Stream" ('string' in Hunter's case). It was fun to visit with Grandma. I don't know how much taking care of her we really did with all our noise and messes.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Biker Dude or Ballerina?

Hunter loves it when we genuinely laugh at his silliness. Sometimes, he puts in a lot of effort.
He broke into McKenna's closet.

That sickle foot is going to cost him in his performance.

Hunter used his training wheels so much that one of them finally broke off at the end of a family bike ride. RJ figured he needed to learn to ride a two wheeler. He's so timid, I thought it would take years to teach him.

RJ decided to dedicate a few minutes each day after work to teaching him. His back was killing him at the end of the first session.

Eventhough it was the end of the day and RJ was tired after playing football with Hunter, he said, "I better spend a few minutes working with him on his bike." A few minutes later, Hunter came knocking on the door announcing that he could ride by himself! RJ grabbed the video camera and I was stunned to see with my own eyes Hunter riding by himself after only two short sessions! I'm not sure who was more proud, Hunter or RJ?

Mother's Day

RJ thought he had one short early morning meeting but apparently it got cancelled. The kids gave me to best gift ever and slept in until 8 a.m. RJ and McKenna made me strawberry pancakes for breakfast.
McKenna is a happy helper

Here's RJ cleaning up her "helpful" spill.

Hunter framed a poem for me and decorated it with buttons and yarn. The poem read:
I miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
See how big I've gotten
Since you saw me last?
As I grow, I'll change a lot,
The years will fly right by.
You'll wonder how I grew so quick
When and where and why?
So look upon this
That's hanging on your wall.
And memories will come back of me,
When I was very small.

I got choked up reading it. Sometimes each day drags on and I'm aware of every minute. However, when I look back at the kids' baby pictures, I can't believe how fast they have grown. I don't want to look back when he's gone and wish that I would have enjoyed him more.

I asked RJ for an electric leg shaver and he surprised me with roses to boot! I love to stop and smell the roses (on my counter). They have obviously expired now but I am waiting for each petal to fall off before I throw them away.

McKenna and I having a bonding mother/daughter moment moisturizing our faces.

I think she may have gotten more in her fingernails than on her skin?

Date Day with Hunter

Since McKenna has joined our family, my time with Hunter had been cut in half. I'm trying to institute traditions that will help us maintain a strong bond and make him feel special as an individual. RJ and I are trying to trade-off months taking him on "dates".
I took him miniature golfing last month and we cruised through the course. I got a hole in one once. When it took me two putts, Hunter said that I got a hole in two.

Hunter got a hole in one also! I think this hole took me 6 strokes to sink! Way to go Hunter!

He's ready to hit Hasty Freeze for some icecream.

7 Year Anniversary

Our anniversary was on Monday. We went to the temple Saturday and RJ bought me a quote book by Neal A. Maxwell at Deseret Book afterward. On Monday, we drove down to Springfield, dropped the kids off at the deSully's and ate dinner at the Olive Garden (my favorite restaraunt). It feels good to be more in love than the day we married.

My New Fit Kids Program

RJ got me a treadmill to help with my half-marathon training. Hunter is an exercise guru.
He asks me often if he can exercise on my treadmill. He has to know his stats when he is finished. How many miles did he run? How many calories did he burn? How fast was he going? How long did he run for?

Here he is leading McKenna in some strength training exercises. He got the bands and weights out for each of them and started counting. McKenna is looking over at him to make sure her technique is correct.

Bicep curls.

This smile has to be familiar to my mother and that's why I included it. When I was Hunter's age, I had a hard time smiling for a camera so I would force a smile that made me look constipated.

The Anticipation Killied Him

Hunter was so excited for his soccer game that he suited up (shin guards and all) the night before his game and fell asleep in the hallway.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Matt's Surprise Party

Carda planned a surprise party in Seaside for Matt. RJ and I drove up to Hillsboro to pick up the Morrison kids. RJ took Matt's kids and Hunter in their van and I drove with McKenna in ours. Upon take-off, McKenna yacked all over herself. I was so glad RJ saw us pull over and came back to save me. Being in my first trimester, with a hypersensitive sniffer, I don't know if I could have held down my lunch cleaning up the mess. One of Heavenly Father's tender mercies was extended to me in that I didn't smell the stench until I got out of the car and started unpacking.

Mom & Dad, Dave & Christine, and Me & RJ "ran into" Matt and Carda in an icecream shop. Here Matt is looking so surprised he could cry.

We went out for dinner instead of a BBQ on the beach because it was raining.

We squeezed in a million people in a 12 seater spot.

We all splurged on a carousel ride after dinner. We got ripped off but the kids had fun. McKenna enjoyed racing her two-toed, swift footed, flightless bird.

Hunter and his horse.

RJ starting to get sick but pretending to have a blast.
We celebrated with cake and presents in a condo near the beach. After attending church the next morning, we enjoyed some time on the beach.
We bought this 3-D hawk kite from Costco several years ago and have neglected it in our garage. It was ready to take flight!

Carda and her kids especially had fun with it.

They got it to soar.

McKenna checking out the sand. I was surprised that she was slow to take off her shoes. She is all about messes. I thought sand would be right up her alley.

Believe it or not...this is a happy face.

Amanda, Rachel, and McKenna digging holes.

Matt challenged me and Hunter to a friendly game of football. We did not decline the challenge.

Here I am playing QB for Jarom and a random kid on the beach that joined us. *side note: he (random beach kid) was supposed to be watching his 2 year old brother who wondered off and got lost on the beach. I felt sick in my stomach thinking of all the things that could have happened. Fortunately, his family found him.

Me and my boy

Our happy family
Hunter was having a hard time because he got a blister on his finger in the condo playing foosball with Caleb. His bandaid kept coming off and he was freaking out. It definetly affected his game on the field.

McKenna, cleaned up and ready to go.