Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crazy for Chocolate

camera pics April 2014 038

In January as I contemplated New Year’s Resolutions, one of them was of course health.  Because I like to measure my success and weight loss is a lost cause, I decided to sign up for at least two races.  I am not a “runner” in that I find enjoyment in the activity but I do like the health benefits, availability and relative low cost.  Stephanie Flint mentioned a chocolate run so I looked it up and saw either a 5k or 15k.  I didn’t feel like a 5k would be much of a challenge so I got 4 friends to sign up for the 15k.  I think these black hoodies made for some cute swag. 

Esther, Anita, Stephanie and I all ran the race together.  Lisa was faster and did her own pace (promising jazz hands and high kicks for us at the finish line).  It was very windy and chili before and after the race but the temperature felt perfect as we ran.  My right knee started to hurt at mile 2 and I knew I was in trouble.  It would not be feeling better any time soon.  Esther, Stephanie and I pushing through our aching joints (while Anita, the oldest held up just fine).  We finished in 1 hour and 44 minutes which turned out to be an 11 min. mile.  I placed 785th out of 1,051 women!  Nothing to brag about for sure.

We enjoyed some hot chocolate and fondue with dipping items as we hobbled around post race.



I boiled some eggs and RJ helped the girls color them while I was at the eye doctor.  I really liked the tie dyed looking ones.

camera pics April 2014 033camera pics April 2014 034camera pics April 2014 035

I bought the girls matching dresses that looked like they had cap sleeves.  When they arrived, I was worried that it would just look like a big shoulder strap so I made little pink cap sleeves.  In the end, I think they would have been fine without.

We bought Hunter a Sunday outfit as well and RJ taught him how to tie a tie.

We hid the baskets that also contained a chocolate bunny.  The kids struggled to find them and had to receive one or two clues.  The girls were head over heels about their matching dresses but Hunter felt that his basket left something to be desired.  I told Hunter that Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What better gift to receive than something to worship him in on Sunday’s? 


RJ wanted to take the kids outside to get some pictures.  Since I hadn’t gotten myself ready for church yet, I took their pictures.


They are a handsome bunch!

We were invited to our friends the Heroux’s for dinner.  They set up a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids (which is why we didn’t do candy filled eggs at our house).  They made out well with plenty of candy and money! 

After the hunt, we sat down and each read one of 12 eggs that contained a scripture and an object (ie. 30 pieces of silver, nail, linen cloth and ultimately an empty egg).

Dinner was delicious and we had a great time. 

We love EASTER.

Block Party


Shannon put together a really fun rec. volleyball team.  We ended up being the best team in our division (bronze) but lost the championship game playing a division above ours.  When the season was over, we went to Patrick’s for dessert.  So much fun with these fine ladies!

(Tracy, Shannon, Charlotte, Terra, Jackie, Wendy, Daneen)


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After over 5 months, we finally saw the green/brown grass until another 4-6 inches dropped on Wed. April 16th!  Ughhh!


We got a flyer in the mail for a coupon for Hunter to attend a Timberwolves game per the scouting program.  Hunter had purchased an item in the treasure box several months ago for a Twins game.  He gave his ticket to me as a gift and said dad could take me to a sporting activity instead.  We decided to include him in our date with that coupon and all.  Paul and William Rowley ended up joining us as well.

We chose the matchup with the Spurs and cheered for them as they sadly got their tooshies kicked.  We did get an offer for better seats which happened to be smack in the middle of the Timberwolves fan club.  In the end, we didn’t care because when the Timberwolves score over 100 points in a home game, your ticket is good for up to 16 oz of a frozen yogurt creation at Cherry Berry the following day.  I grudgingly made my way to the yogurt shop after bedtime with a sleeping child in my arms and walked out with $26 worth of free frozen yogurt!  YUM!

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William Rowley and Hunter.

With the purchase of the scout ticket, the boys got a program, a bag and a chance to shoot once from the free throw line.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Macy’s Garden Show


After the morning session of conference, we took the kids to the Macy’s Garden Show (Minnesota’s artificial spring).  There were a lot of people lined up and pressed against each other trying to get a peek at the sweet smelling flowers.  RJ had to carry Reagan and the kids were verbally complaining while I did so mentally.  I knew if we ended on a high, we would look back at the whole thing as a big success.  I saw a “Candy Land” store across the street on our way out.  We stepped in and let the kids pick out whatever treat they wanted.  I think it will be remembered well.

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This dress was AMAZING!

camera pics April 2014 007

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pancake Man


Hunter woke up one Saturday morning and decided to make pancakes on his own.  He has since done it twice more.  I’m impressed that he took on a baking project by himself sine he is usually so timid and afraid to make mistakes (let’s me honest, as well as being a bit lazy at times).  He likes to make an already sugary breakfast even more so by adding chocolate chips or crushed candy canes. 


Good job Hunter!

Home Schooling Reagan


McKenna has taken it upon herself to make sure Reagan can read before she turns four!


McKenna will make a great mom.  She’s such a great sister to Reagan.

Spirit Week

It was spirit week at school and Thursday was look-alike day.  McKenna was going to be Belle but changed her mind the morning of to Fancy Nancy.  We had a lot of fun throwing this together last minute.  I wish I could have found my red feather boa.  McKenna was quite impressed with her look and said, “Mom.  I’m so proud of you.  I love  you so much.  I want to be by you for the rest of my life.”