Monday, December 13, 2010

Hunter's Birthday

I'm so lucky that my kids don't require much pomp on their birthdays. RJ went to Georgia the week of Hunter's birthday so we celebrated on Sunday when he could join us.
Hunter picked out a chocolate cake and vanilla confetti frosting.

A card from Granma/pa Morrison with a little somethin' inside.

He was pumped to get a $5 bill. He has actually asked for a Target gift card for Christmas.

RJ and I planned on hitting up the store to pick up his birthday gifts on Saturday but one of the 10 worst storms to hit Minnesota kept us indoors. Church was even cancelled. Thankfully, we had a couple "Christmas" gifts as back-up.

Battleship- a classic.

Evidence of RJ's wrapping paper conservation project.

A laser tag like game. Hunter and McKenna have had fun shooting each other up.

Six years old buddy!

He preferred the presents before the cake. Don't judge my cake. It tasted good despite its looks.

I hope your wish comes true pal unless it's for a puppy.
Hunter's actual birthday was on Tuesday. I made apple cinnamon pancakes and sausage for breakfast. We went to Famous Dave's for dinner. With two awesome coupons, we all stuffed ourselves including a flaming firework dessert for only $4.60. What a deal! I made Hunter a coupon book (TV time, stay up time, games with mom time etc) and we watched the Biggest Loser finale together. Grandma/pa Reeve sent a kids sudoku book. It was a fun day.

Gingerbread Houses

The Wilsons joined us this year for our annual gingerbread house making which originated with the Newcombs.

Violet and McKenna ate more than was put on the houses.

Hunter's House.

Looks good Mic.

Very cute mellow house.

My log cabin.

Reagan's Blessing

Grandpa Morrison flew in for Reagan's blessing. It was a short but sweet visit.

Sunday, December 5th

I wanted to get pictures before heading to the church. It took longer to get everyone ready than I anticipated (welcome to three kids right?) so we were rushed and didn't get as many pics as I wanted.

This is my favorite!

I don't care what daddy says, I love your hair Reagan!

Who didn't catch the pink bag in the picture?

Grandma Morrison made her blessing dress and "coat". It was so beautiful. I was worried that it would be way to big but it was perfect.

Another daddy's girl?

They love their baby sister.

My precious kids

Mommy loves you.

Grandpa and Reagan

Reagan is done taking pictures.

RJ gave Reagan a nice blessing. A member of the bishopric who stood in the circle said he peeked while RJ was praying and Reagan had such a peaceful look on her face as she looked up at RJ. "What is she thinking" he asked himself.
RJ has been slipping up calling Reagan McKenna. I thought he might do so in the blessing. He had the same worry. Thankfully though, Reagan Jerusha is what she will be known as on the records of the church.
After church, I took more pictures of Reagan. I wanted a sweet sleeping one but no such luck.

Beth made this pretty bracelet.

Cute little booties

Kicking her knickers up.

In deep thought

My Aunt Dottie bought this dress for me when I was a baby. I wanted my dad to see Reagan in it before he left.

"O Christmas Tree"

It has been a Reeve tradition to cut down our own tree at a tree farm. We knew we were going to miss Oregon when it came to getting a Christmas tree this year but we didn't realize just how much! RJ found a farm on line. We bundled up and headed out.
Hunter didn't waste any time starting a snowball fight. Look how small these trees are. Time to relocate.

We finally found a tree taller than RJ. It's a keeper.

Reagan stayed cozy in the van while RJ got down in the frigid snow.

This man (left) stuck the tree in some vibrating hole to get rid of the dead needles. Then he bundled it for us.

What's not right?
(answer- camels are supposed to be in the desert)
What made this tree farm worth it was the extra stuff. They had a petting zoo.
Free pony rides.

Giddy-up Hunter

Santa made an appearance. He gave the kids coloring books. He was a friendly Santa (in a good way).

The Grinch gave hay rides. McKenna coudn't look at him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who's Who?

I dressed Reagan in the same outfit as Mckenna with the same background.
Can you tell who is who?

The top two are McKenna.
I should have used the same headband but oh well.

Reagan's hair has more volume!

I love these shoes Reagan.