Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Pics

I bought these clothes for McKenna from a consignment shop.  She looks so grown up in her rocker skirt.  I bought another skirt that was identical with a pink checkers.  She loves them both and wears them as many times a week as I will let her.

RJ loved Reagan's pony tail.

Proof that all three kids can sit on the couch at the same time!

Water Play

The neighbors girls had a pool they wanted to play in but didn't have a hose.  We filled it up with our hose and the kids had a great time.  We put sunscreen on Hunter but after getting wet and shivering nigh unto death, he took off his shirt and got a pretty bad burn on his back that peeled like snake skin a few days later.

Tea Party

McKenna asked me to play tea party with her one day and I accepted.  However, when I found out that she wanted to use real water (vs pretend water), I declined not wanting to drink out of cups that have soaked in soapy bath water, grassy pool water and have been fingered by all of the neighborhood kids.  I told her that we could buy a real tea set from Goodwill, make invitations and host a real tea party with her friends on Sat.
We made zucchini bread with chocolate chips, bought chocolate mix for hot chocolate and mini marshmallows.  We invited her friends to dress up and many of them did.

Meet our guests:
Ian, Abby, McKenna, Hunter, Mary, Allison, Leah, Izzy

Reagan participated in the festivities as well.

I didn't want to take up cupboard space with McKenna's tea set so we covered a diaper box with material from the Hunter's nursery.  We also made little baggies to slip the cups and tea pot in for protection.