Wednesday, February 17, 2010


President's Day on Mt. Hood
Last year, we bought snow gear for everyone but never did go sledding. We were determined to go this year no matter what! We were able to coordinate with Matt and Beth and Matt and Carda which made it even more fun. Dad even came with his trusty steed- Zip. Hunter and McKenna were so excited about our special snow day. We kicked it off with breakfast at Cork's Donuts. They have the biggest, yummiest apple fritters. In case you didn't know, I LOVE donuts. I only get them about once a year though.

Carter, Bailey, Paige, Hayden, McKenna, Hunter, Grandpa and Madalyn
Good Times!

RJ read this pamphet (that was lying around our friend's house) about becoming a good kisser. Your suppose to stare into each others eyes for a number of seconds before kissing and drink in each other's essense. Here we are getting drunk on essense (and trying to keep a straight face).

Hunter was so brave. He headed straight for those trees all my himself! Fortunately, with the shape of the hill as it was, he hooked left before hitting the trees. Not everyone lucked out with the hooking action though.

McKenna had a traumatizing experience her first time down. RJ took her down the steeper side of the hill on a double sled with her in the front. I'm glad I didn't see but apparently she was airborne for a minute. When I came to get her and take her down the little hill, she was kicking and shaking her head "no." We got her to go down the little hill twice but she covered her face and burried her head. She was done after that.

After a few hours, we took a lunch break. Thanks to Beth's experience and coordination, we had chili, hot dogs, hot chocolate, fritos, and several pans of dessert (brownies, cookies, seven layer bars and more brownies).

McKenna was so cute in her bibs. Don't ask me why she is not wearing shoes?

Our sledding spot before lunch was fun but it was nerve racking trying to dodge the trees. Plus I saw a much bigger hill out yonder without trees that I wanted to check out. After lunch, both Matt's, RJ and I hiked for what seemed like forever to get to that hill. Thanks Beth and Carda for watching my kiddos so I could be irresponsible!

Matt N. holding on for dear life

Matt M. gaining speed

RJ had the best run by far! He took off from the top of the mountain and hit a jump (unintentionally). He caught so much air, we all stared with gaping mouths. At the bottom of the hill there were a few more bumps and he caught some more air and slid into a group of onlookers who had set up camp in what they thought was a safe spot. Unfortunately, I did not capture that run on camera.

Eat It Dear!

Valentine's Day

Couples 5K
Theresa, Carda, and I are training for a half marathon in June. Since Theresa and I had never even done a 5K, we decided to do one together to get an idea of each other's pace. When we discovered this couples run for Valentine's Day, we knew our men would want to join. We thought it would be cute to run the whole thing together but that lasted about 5 steps and the men took off. It was way more fun than running my loop around the neighborhood.
That evening, RJ and I went to the Stake Valentine's Dinner and Dance followed by a performance of "Beauty and the Beast" at the community theater. I was really looking forward to the whole night. I wore my extra high heels to be taller for dancing with RJ. I told him we wouldn't stick around long, I just wanted one dance. We enjoyed dinner at a table with some friends, then RJ went to talk to someone he knew from work. I waited thinking, "he's not much of a talker, he'll be back soon." I sat there for 15-20 minutes by myself watching other couples dance. I was pretty upset by the time he came back because it was time to go to the play and I just knew that he spent all of that time talking so he wouldn't have to dance. I told him I was disappointed. We continued on to the play without many more words between us. I really enjoyed the play. I was surprised to find out that I knew the "Beast." He cleaned the carpets in the apartments we use to manage. RJ was a little more critical since he has been to a Broadway-type play before. When I returned home from dropping the babysitter off, RJ was in the living room with the lights dimmed and Argentine music playing in the background. He asked me for a dance and I was more than happy to oblige.

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year. I made the kids french toast and bacon. I cut hearts out of the french toast with a cookie cutter. The kids got a kick out of that.

RJ and I made a valentine for each child. We cut out a heart and wrote all of the things that we love about them on it. They enjoyed hearing how great they are and how much we love them. It's been a tradition for me to make RJ a "Remember When" list. I recap all of the memorable moments of the year (usually humorous ones). RJ gave me some bright pink daisies.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Go Spurs!

Due to the fact that RJ doesn't like to plan dates, for Christmas I gave him a year's worth of planned dates. I told him to just show up and bring his wallet. One of the dates for Feb. was a Spurs/Blazer game at the Rose Garden. Thanks to Matt and Carda, we were kid free and actually found the place with their GPS.
Warming up

It wasn't a very tense game. The Spurs led the whole way and we were among the few that were cheering. In the last 5 minutes, however, there was a turn around and the Blazers actually took the lead. We sat on the edge of our seats to see if the Spurs could tie it up with a three pointer and 20 seconds on the clock. They executed their play perfectly, found Gianobli in the corner wide open He shoots. He bricks! They did the whole, foul them, get the ball etc. and ended up losing. Oh well, it was a fun date.

Cute Kids

This is a once in a lifetime moment that had to be recorded! When McKenna falls asleep in the van, she usually wakes up when we try to bring her in. I layed her on the couch and to my amazement, she stayed asleep!

Brownie Time!

Whose been licking the bowl?

Hunter's Tooth

As we were driving in the car, Hunter was complaining about a loose tooth and whining followed by more whining. I told him it took time before a tooth would fall out and since I wasn't aware of him even having a loose tooth not to worry. When we got home, I was surprised to see just how loose his tooth really was. The next morning, it fell right out. I told him to put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy would come and leave money. He forgot to leave it under his pillow and left in on a lid on the microwave. When he went to bed, I took the tooth and put 50 cents in it's place. He was surprised and excited to get money the next morning. I was not prepared when he asked, "mom, did you leave the money?" I knew I couldn't lie right to his face so I said, "what do you think?" RJ overheard this conversation from down the hall and rescued me from breaking down in the face of Hunter's interrogation. He interrupted the conversation and Hunter then asked if he had left the money. Truthfully, RJ could say "no."

Our Annual Get Away!

We have been going on overnight get aways with the deSully's for three years now. We decided that from now on we will take turns planning our big rendezvous. Chuck and Theresa took the reigns this year and planned a ski trip. They did awesome!

We made sure to stay in a "nicer" hotel than we normally would with a king size bed, pool, hot tub, hot breakfast etc. Of course we didn't end up using half the stuff but oh well. We went out to dinner at an Italian restaraunt (Corino's) followed by bowling, ice cream and a movie (Sherlock Holmes).

RJ and Theresa had never ever set foot in skis. I went skiing 13 years ago and my date (Jamie Hammond) took me to the ski lift and I had no clue what I was doing. He was pretty patient with me and we took about an hour to decend. I continued to go down but felt completely out of control and found myself flying down the mountain with no way to stop but to dive to the ground. We decided we would take lessons this time around.

We went to Mt. Bachelor. It was a really foggy day. All we could see as we walked through the parking lot was clouds of white. We were also very intimidated by the number of cars which meant more people on the slopes.

Theresa and our instructor Teresa hip thrusting.
It was good to take the lessons but it did not prepare us for the steep grade of the top of the mountain (the top of the mountain meaning the top of the shortest lift and easiest run).
I at least felt like I had the tools I needed to make it down safely. I'm proud to say I didn't fall once and had a great time. RJ's story is a little different than mine. He still didn't feel like he had the whole "wedge" or "pizza" idea down when he decided to go up the ski lift. He flew down the mountain out of control and going backwards half the time heading for a pole. After falling several times before making it half way down he said he was done, took off his skis and walked the rest of the way. I was really bummed that the day would be ruined. We went inside the lodge for a little bit to rest our feet. I didn't think RJ would put his boots back on but money is a powerful motivator. "I paid $90, let's all go down again." He said. I admit, I wasn't very supportive of the idea. I told him he didn't have to prove anything and I was really worried about him hurting himself or someone else. He assured me that he would be fine. Each time he went, he fell less and less and finally made it down without falling once! I was so proud of him for keeping with it and if I'm not mistaken, he's willing to go again someday.

All Dressed Up!

McKenna as a smiley carebear and Hunter dressed up as Optimus Prime.
Sometimes it's fun to pretend we're someone else.

The primary president asked for a picture of Hunter and his dad for an activity she was planning. I snapped a few shots of the little sweet hearts before going to church.

I love the way McKenna is looking at Hunter in this picture.

Hunter and RJ

Creative, Crafty Kids

Daddy and McKenna spending time together. McKenna's body usually ends up covering the whole coloring sheet making it difficult for anyone else to participate.

Hunter makes so many cute crafts at school. The problem is, what do I do with all of his treasures when they start to pile up and ooze into the rest of the house? Thankfully, I remembered something my good sister Beth told me. Take a picture of a bunch of crafts. Toss the crafts, keep the picture! Hunter was on board when I told him I would put it on my blog and make it into a book.

Good Ole Times

I'm not one to get on facebook much but I tried finding a few people and found out about a NAAG reunion. I got in touch with Keezer who arranged for us to go out to dinner the night before the reunion. The Zimmer family joined the party and all I have to say is "somethings never change." We had a lot of laughs and almost some tears.

Bekah (who apparently hates being called Bekah now and goes by Rebecca), Beth, Keezer and me.

Danae, Beth, Bekah, Me, Charrise, and Keezer
Beth drove up from California and Charisse flew in from Colorado. I'm so glad they did!
We went to NAAG and were instantly taken back in time with the smell and cloud of chalk and sweat. Some were ready to hit the floor to see if they still had "it".

Beam was never my favorite event so I chose a seated pose, while Keezer did back-handsprings (on a padded beam).

It's kind of funny that I use to look up at the hanging flags in the gym and want my name to be on one but it never was until I left!

I figured I wouldn't break anything on the tumble track! It was actually really fun! I'm wishing I would have changed into my stretch pants and done more.
Keezer, Charisse and I at the old NAAG downtown. We must have been in 8th grade/13 years old. I thought it would be fun to have a before and after of this pose.

17 years later!
My heels were digging into the floor and all of our balance was off.

I practically got a rip just hanging on the bar for this picture!
Notice the bowing bar.


Kari (Bevans) was in town for the holidays and tried to arrange for all of us (Jeramie, Laura and I) to get together. Jeramie had to work but we visited and went out to a very fancy lunch at McDonald's. It was a really fun morning and we seemed to pick up where we left off. Life has changed us though through children, illnesses and other family dramas.