Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year's

Unfortunately, RJ had to go back to work so he missed all the good New Year's food, family and fun. Matt and Carda and Matt and Beth were both their to celebrate though. Because of the number of people in the house, I got to sleep out in the RV by myself again. It was peaceful and perfect. I was really spoiled. I got to stay up until past midnight but didn't have to face the consequences of getting up early with the kiddos. Merry Christmas to me!
McKenna, Paige, and Rachel played great together.

They also clean up well. Look at these pretty girls!

Hunter and Caleb were pretty proud of their cowboys and indians set up. It's probably not socially acceptable to even play cowboys and indians anymore.

Carda and I noshing on healthy foods on New Year's Eve.

Grandma bought noise makers and crowns for our celebration. We played sequence right up until the ball dropped.

The boys were dashing in their masculine hats. Caleb looks like he's wearing his hair in braids but rest assured, it's just a black lei.

McKenna was sleeping upstairs and Paige was downstairs. We decided to take our noisemakers outside. I took this picture at the stroke of midnight.

A New Year's kiss from the other man in my life.
After 3 minutes of celebration I told Hunter it was time for bed. "That was New Year's?" he asked sounding disappointed.

Beth and I ringing in the new year!

Storybook Land

I had planned all month on taking the kids to a place called Storybook Land. It has lighted displays of almost all the disney movies and nursery rhymes. I had gone one time before with a live and learn class I did with Hunter. We practically had the whole place to ourselves. We almost missed this year but made it the day before closing. RJ was working, so I bundled the kids and we headed over with Christmas music playing. Apparently everyone else waiting until the next-to-last-day to go as well. We waited in line outside for at least 45 minutes. If you know McKenna, that was next to impossible: being in relatively the same spot for such a long period of time. Target sent volunteers over to help with supervision. RJ volunteered to help ou that night and said he would be at the entrance and could walk through with us. We didn't succeed at meeting him at the entrance so we wound around and eventually found him half way through.

McKenna was especially excited to see the Sesame Street decorations. Even though she doesn't watch TV (which is ocassionally unfortunate), it was a display of something she recognized.

A line was formed at the end to sit on Santa's lap. It looked quite long and I was ready to go home. However, Hunter said he wanted to see Santa. We waited for another 45 minutes in that line wondering if it ever ended? We were hardly moving. At last, Santa was in view. We were third in line. I pulled out my camera in preparation. The little girl currently on his lap was taking forever. The mom must have taken at least 5 pictures. No wonder the line was so slow. " I guess I'll be grateful when it's our turn," I thought "I'll have a lasting memory of a magical moment." One more little girl, then us! Wait, Mrs. Claus was wispering something in Santa's ear. "What? Did she just say what I think she said?" Yep, the line was too long and they wanted everyone to see Santa, so he couldn't take any more pictures with kids on his lap. He would just hand out candy canes as they walked by. I snapped this picture before Mrs. Claus could take away my camera. My feet were so tired and I was so annoyed. RJ had to put things in perspective for me, "Let it go." He said, and had to repeat three times.

Christmas in Reedsport

As always, we travelled to Reedsport for Christmas. It wouldn 't seem like Christmas without watching mom open 9 of the same thing from dad. I don't know at what point I'll be able to say, let's stay home for Christmas. It seems like it would melt be like any other day afte the present were opened. I need family around!

Mom and McKenna donning fun aprons to get our big Christmas Eve dinner ready.

Me and the kids cuddling on the couch.

Anticipating the evening

Dan and Sandy came with their dogs/kids for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We all opened our pajamas and put them on as our traditional Christmas Eve nightwear. RJ bought me a little something that turned out to be the talk of the week. Mom couldn't stop giggling about it.

Grandma put together some great last minute costumes for the kids to act out the nativity as we read. Grandpa convinced the heathen (uncle Dan) to read the account. He emphasized every time the scripture talked about taxes/being taxed and made other additions of his own.
I'm not sure we felt the spirit but at least we all laughed together.

RJ and I knew our Christmases would be unexciting but we looked forward to watching the kids enjoy the magic of Christmas.
Hunter got a special Power Ranger helmet from Santa. You download special missions from the internet. When completed, you get a certificate.

I made Hunter and McKenna a bag with the first letter of their name on the front. I wanted them to have their own bags to take to church to keep the quiet, I mean reverent.

The day after Halloween, I lucked out and got this Optimus Prime costume in just he right size for just the right price- on sale + a discount!

Grandma and Grandpa bought a beautiful Christmas dress for McKenna.
RJ and I mainly got things that we really needed or things for the house like tennis shoes, pillows, fire pokers and a grill cover. Christmas just isn't quite the same when you get older.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hunter turns 5!

We let Hunter choose a friend to take to the "Wacky Bounce House" in Corvallis. He chose Kaleigh Price. They had at least 10 huge blow up toys. One of the favorites was this big slide into a bin of balls. They wore themselves out. It was great!


McKenna had so much fun.
She blazed through the obstacle course like a true gladiator.

She had no fear.

The three energizer bunnies