Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bootlegger’s Ball

Our November date was going to be a tour of the Basilica but those are on Sunday so RJ was looking for a backup.  Someone at work mentioned taking their wife to a bootlegger’s ball at the museum of history in St. Paul.  Everyone was to dress 20’s style.  There was a new exhibit on prohibition, dancing, an amateur dance off, crafts, and free alcohol.  I thought it was really cool of RJ to look into this and get the tickets (especially since they weren’t cheap).  I had a lot of fun pulling our look together (I made my headband, necklace, and got a matching ribbon for RJ’s bowtie to put around his hat) and anticipating the event.  We spent most of our time walking through the museum which was interesting.  I imagined a huge ballroom floor with everyone dancing.  Unfortunately the dance floor was a very limited space where only 15 couples could dance despite the fact that hundreds of people were there looking very dapper in their 20’s apparel.  We danced a couple songs then came home a little early.  It was still a really cool and different date.



The kids got to dress up three times!  First, we went to our ward’s trunk or treat and chili cook off.


Reagan refused to wear her wig but I got some pictures before we left to try to salvage the $8 I spent on it.  My only other consolation is that McKenna loves Ariel and maybe she can use it some time.

I bought this Belle dress at a second hand store and McKenna looked beautiful just as the name implies.


Hunter decided to be a ninja for the second year in a row and I didn’t mind since it only cost me $3 and I knew he would be warm.


They had a Halloween party at school and Reagan and I went to see the parade.  Reagan really enjoyed seeing all of the costumes.


On Halloween night, I gave McKenna her red riding hood cape that I made two years ago.  It was still a very cold night.  RJ took all the kids while I passed out candy.  After making their way through the neighborhood, they returned and begged to go out longer.  Reagan stayed with me and RJ sealed his position as favorite parent by staying out for an extra hour and doubling their candy supply!


Post Halloween has been difficult as far as eating regular meals goes.  McKenna did make hers last longer than last year but still nothing to brag about.  Hunter still has some and it’s been two weeks.  I’m glad he is not like his mom.  I ate so much candy as a kid.