Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day Tie

I saw a man in our ward wearing a tie with a repeated picture of his family on it and decided to customize one for my dad and RJ's for Father's Day. RJ laughed thinking it would be just another ugly Father's Day tie. How can it be ugly with our children on it? Here's the picture.

RJ and Reagan looking so cute!

Father/Son Campout

RJ's love was tested when rain threatened to show up at the Father/Son campout this year. He proved himself and even found that he preferred rain to bugs. Hunter loved the rain and ran around with the other boys not thinking twice about a change of clothes.

Hunter was so excited all week for the camp out. He made sure to take both pocket knives and his 72 hour kit.

They set up camp and got a decent nights rest as far as camping goes. Saturday morning they went to the golf range and hit a bucket of balls.

Meanwhile back at the house...

I put McKenna down and tidied the house for the upcoming tea party. We invited about ten people but only one friend was able to come (with her two girls). I found a template for a princess crown on line and printed it onto cardstock. We all colored our crowns and wore them. I made coffee cake muffins and had McKenna set the table with her princess tea set. She put hot chocolate mix in one container, marshmallows in another and I heated up some water for the teapot. I also set out a plate with swiss cheese. McKenna dressed up like Tinkerbell and her friends were Cinderella and the other wore her baptism dress and looked like a beautiful flower girl. McKenna loved pouring her own hot chocolate. She had three cups! Afterward, we played princess Old Maid and Go Fish.

Kindergarten Graduation Celebration

Hunter made this card for Mrs. Lucht on the last day of school. He did a great job!

He wrote this message on the inside:

(translation: Dear Mrs. Lucht, Thank you for the nice time at school. You are the best teacher ever. And thank you for the time I had with you! From Hunter Reeve

At first I thought that Mrs. Lucht was kind of a crotchety woman but I'm grateful that Hunter had her. She was a very organized teacher with a well disciplined class. He learned a lot.

I bought Hunter a balloon and Kit Kat (for finishing the big "K"). I also made him a certificate. We enjoyed pizza, pop, chips, brownies, cake and ice cream before rushing out the door to soccer. Poor daddy had a chicken breast and quinoa for dinner (he has been sticking to the P90X diet. We are proud of him and apologize for tempting him).

Way to go Hunter. We are very proud of you. You are an excellent student already. Keep it up and you'll go far!

My Girls!

My junk food junkie!

I couldn't resist capturing Reagan's beautiful body!

Mississippi Cruise

Our May date was a paddle boat cruise on the Mississippi. It was quite warm when we first got started.

There was some commentary on the city and places that we passed but I struggled to hear any of it since there were kids talking to their friends and Indians speaking a foreign language around us.

The water was a muddy brown but the foliage beyond was pretty.

We started about 30 minutes late and had grey clouds and showers for the last 30 minutes of the trip. I admit that I had difficulty relaxing and enjoying the ride. I kept thinking about what I could be accomplishing. I tried to tell myself to sit back, breath and take in the scenery. RJ was so relaxed that he fell asleep!

The best part was on the way home we stopped at a candy shop down town and bought chocolate covered pretzels and a Chicago style bag of popcorn (caramel, butter, and cheese). We enjoyed a redbox in the evening.