Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dan's Wedding

We headed down to Lily Glen camp ground to celebrate with and support Dan and Sandy on their wedding day. We set up camp with Dave and Christine. Mom and Dad finally arrived after 10 p.m. after getting lost. I have mixed feelings about camping. It takes so much work to get everything together and set up. We do it so rarely though that it's kind of special. We get to eat food that we don't often get (like chips and smores), pee in the forrest (if you're a boy), only have to brush your teeth once/day, play with fire etc. Being with people you love and don't get to be with every day is what really makes camping fun.

Dave and RJ rented a boat on Saturday and took some of the kids fishing.

Happy Hunter

Hunter caught a fish and RJ took a picture as proof since they didn't keep it. I think they caught three. Way to go boys!

McKenna got to ride a horse with her cousin Parker. Sandy was taking all the kids for a ride on her horse. What a bride!
Hunter and Caleb waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Matt dressed appropriately for the ocassion. He borrowed some boots and a buckle (hopefully that shirt too) but had to stop before securing a hat and cowboy tie.

McKenna was so tuckered out she fell asleep during the most important part!

Daddy's girl

Serious Hunter

Dan, Sandy and Dad went horseback riding the morning of the wedding.

They had soft country love songs playing while everyone got their beer and found their
seats. All of a sudden an upbeat "man" song came on and I heard hoopin' and hollerin'. I looked behind me and saw Daniel walking down the isle. Matt gave a loud Yee Ha and we all cheered.

Sandy followed to a much slower, softer song escorted by her father.

The pastor kept it short and sweet per Dan and Sandy. They read their own vows and kissed passionately after some prodding.
After the ceremony, we had a delicious chicken and pork potluck. They cut the cake, threw the boquet and garder belt and had a few people do a toast. Everyone that got up seemed to represent Sandy. They had all know her for ___ years and talked about how "meant to be" her and Dan were. I started to feel sad that no one was there to say a little something about Dan. Thankfully, Dave got up and shared a few thoughts and welcomed Sandy to our family. He did a great job and I got a little choked up.

They danced and sang to each other.

All I can say about the weekend is that it was very Dan. He looked very happy and we are happy for him!

Our Trip to Utah

McKenna and I were really excited about our annual sister day in Utah. This was McKenna's first time participating in this exciting event. I was nervous about traveling with my little bundle of exploding energy but she did awesome!

Here she is enjoying her apple juice on the plane. She enjoyed the take-off and landing. Linda picked us up at the airport. We had a yummy lunch at her house before heading down to Hurricane (we did make a quick stop in Cedar City to visit Great Grandma Poulson which was nice).

McKenna and C.C. played great together (they are only a couple weeks apart in age). I didn't think to pack a swimming suit for McKenna so she borrowed some underwear and a shirt from C.C.

McKenna's running through the sprinklers.

Thursday was sister day and the theme was Fancy Nancy. We tried to prepare ourselves by reading all of the Fancy Nancy books our library had. Kathryn really outdid herself this year.

We helped the girls make crowns, wands, and tutus. Grandma bought fancy shoes and glasses for all the granddaughters. They got to color in special coloring books (with markers which McKenna thoroughly enjoyed), paint finger and toenails, make butterfly placemats and got their own set of paper dolls.

My stupendous, fabulous, exquisite daughter!

Grandma Reeve reading Fancy Nancy books to the girls.

Eating with your pinkie up is posh.
We dressed up for our dinner party and walk down the runway.

A boa makes everything fancier!

Kathryn transformed the dining room, made yummy drinks and dips, and made Steve and Robert serve us. We had parfaits for dessert. That's fancy for sundaes! We had a great time with our sisters, cousins, aunts, grandparents etc. Unfortunately Sage wasn't able to join us with her brood since they were being quarantined for chicken box.
On Friday, Linda drove me and McKenna up to South Jordan so we could spend time with our friends the Newcombs in their new house. That was the part of the trip that McKenna didn't do so hot. Thanks for your patience aunt Linda!

Dave was at a Youth Conference Saturday so me and Mila took June and McKenna to a community garden where they were releasing lady bugs. McKenna was excited and nervous at the same time.

They gave her a whole handful but most of them ended up on the ground.
Saturday, we went out to lunch, did some shopping, ate dinner at Cafe Rio (for the first time for me) and watched a movie.

I forgot what church was like in Utah. The (overflow ie. gym) was full. They ran out of bread and had to bless a second batch. Since it was fast Sunday, there were baby blessings and the testimony meeting didn't even begin until quarter til. I also ran into a guy from my home ward growing up- Mark Bevans! Most of the ward was my age and looking fabulous. I was asked if Mila and I were due the same time which was a bummer for me but compliment to Mila since she is 20 weeks ahead of me!
June and McKenna
June played with McKenna the whole weekend and was great at sharing all of her stuff.

Dave totally into his pregnant wife. He thinks pregnancy (on Mila) is hot! Mila is making her yummy slushies. She used crushed ice with crystal lite and peach fresca.

I had so much fun I was affraid to come home and get back to the daily grind. I did miss RJ and Hunter though. My life would not me the same without them! Thanks for taking a whole week off work so I could visit my girls in Utah!