Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Terrible Two’s Here!

Reagan’s birthday fell on a busy Sunday this year.  I had ward council early in the morning.  We had church from 9-12 p.m..  Reagan napped until 3:30 but RJ was at a cub scout meeting.  We had a small window to party when he got back before I had a primary meeting.  The good thing is that she doesn’t know any better.

Reagan picked out her cake and ice cream (cookie dough) and we kept it super simple.  Our neighbors Josh and Libby came to celebrate.DSCN5619DSCN5621DSCN5623DSCN5627DSCN5628DSCN5629DSCN5632DSCN5633DSCN5634DSCN5635DSCN5636DSCN5637DSCN5638DSCN5639DSCN5640DSCN5641DSCN5642DSCN5644DSCN5646DSCN5647

Grandma and grandpa Morrison sent her two shirts, these jeans and some socks.  She looks so big!  RJ and I gave her some clothes from a second hand store and a new puzzle and doodle pad.  Granma Blanche sent her money for her education.

Reagan is SO special.  I can’t imagine not having her.  We all love her so much. 

Happy Birthday ROO!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Amazingly Scary Race

Since we have been married, RJ and I have had adult Halloween parties (some better than others).  However, our first year here, we were invited to one and the second year, we were in the hospital with Reagan.  We decided to rekindle the tradition this year.  I spent hours coming up with (10) activities and clues for this years Amazingly Scary Race.  We invited at least 15 couples and hoped that 8 would show to make 4 teams of 4.  I started to stress out after our 8 committed couples dwindled to 6 then 5.  We got the party started anyway and everyone had a great time even though I messed up the mileage on the second clue!


In this detour, Bob Kochenderfer is counting popcorn kernels while Colter has chosen to carve a pumpkin.


Each person had to dress up in at least four items and go trick-or-treating to a predetermined house (the first counselor in the bishopric).


(Michael & Stephanie Flint, Jessica & Shea Allred)


(Krystal & Adam Larsen- on the ends, Bob & Lynette Kochenderfer, Misti & Chris Jackson)


(Karina & Michael Tew- on the ends, Laura & Colter Gerrard)


In another detour, Jessica (above) chose to eat the donut (since she almost drowned the last time she bobbed for apples) while the other two teams bobbed for apples.  They were so fast, I didn’t get their pictures.

Below, the teams are mummifying a teammate.


The winning team- The Fantastic Four!  The prize was 5 hours of unswappable babysitting or homemade cinnamon rolls per RJ and my cooking class.


It was really fun to watch the teams get into it.  Some were more competitive than others but it was a riot.  We hung out until midnight snacking and visiting. 

Time to start thinking about next year!

The Raffle

Last year Hunter got all excited about a fundraiser his school did selling overpriced items.  I had a hard time turning him down as he begged me to let him do it.  Several people in the ward and family purchased things to help Hunter and it changed my view of these things that I loath.  It wasn’t about the worthless “stuff.”  It was about supporting the poor salesman/woman and her mom.  I decided to be more charitable when the ball rolled around.  My commitment was tested when I got an email from my nursery leader asking if I would like to purchase raffle tickets from her daughter Keira for a karate fund raiser.  “In this case, I don’t even get the junk” I thought to myself.  I delayed for about two weeks.  Finally, I sat down and emailed Lesley.  I told her I would buy four tickets at $5 each.  She replied that she had just four left.  RJ asked what the prize was and I told him it didn’t matter, we were just supporting Keira.

The raffle came and went and I looked at the ticket pinned to my calendar.  I wondered if I had to be present but read that I didn’t and the winners would be posted on line.  I wasn’t even going to look but decided I might as well.  All they had were last years winners (most of whom got small gift cards for haircuts and coffee).  I called Lesley and she said that the winners were posted on the door and she didn’t recognize anyone’s name but to check on line in a few days.

While I was at a play date, I heard my phone ring but let it go.  On my way home I listened to the message.  As soon as I heard the name, I tried to place it “Oh, is that the stake primary president or the volunteer coordinator from Hunter’s school?”  When I heard the word raffle and Keira, I thought, “Wow.  Did we win a $10 gift card to Target?”  Then the words “Grand Prize and $2,200 Delta vacation” followed.  I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I wanted to be like those crazy women on the radio who scream and go wild but I had to make sure that I heard right and I had Reagan and McKenna in the car who would not understand.

I got in touch with the woman who called, picked up the tickets and got my picture taken to prove than people actually win these things.  I called Lesley first thing to tell her how excited I was and to thank her and Keira.  I had to leave a message and am sad to say that when she found out, she was not happy.  She wanted it to be her.  Hunter and Mckenna sang the same tune when we found out that the trip included two roundtrip tickets and $1,200 for two nights in a hotel (do $600/night hotels exist?) and they would not be going.

RJ and I have decided to go to Hawaii this summer.  We can’t wait and can’t believe that we actually won something!

October Date

RJ left me a note in the morning telling me to pick up the babysitter at 6 p.m. and prepare to be abducted.  When I returned with the babysitter, the kids were dressed in silly clothes and RJ had a pillow case that he slipped over my head as he pretended to carry me away.  He didn’t want to freak the sitter out so he stopped mid-abduction.  We went and saw Taken 2 and had a great time.


july-october2012 334

I got Hunter in the tub and started to put McKenna down.  I knew Reagan would want to wander into the bathroom so I put the stool behind the door.  I read to McKenna, sang to her and laid by her.  When I finished, I found Reagan not only in the bathroom but in the tub, sweater, diaper and all!  Her diaper was larger than life and hung to her knees!  I had to take a picture before hauling her out.

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a nearby pumpkin patch and had a great time with the kids.  They buried themselves in the corn pit, flung gourds, and picked out the perfect pumpkins.

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In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.