Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soccer Stud!

Hunter's Team: The Elves

(Hunter is the second one in from the right)

It's kind of excited being a "soccer mom." Maybe when I have to start sitting in the rain for hours, it won't be as fun.

In Hunter's first game, he didn't really understand what he was supposed to do. He would run as fast as he could to catch up with the person with the ball and then stand there and look at it.

I think he caught the vision of the game by his second go 'round and he scored three goals! He stole the ball and ran all the way to the other end and scored! It was great fun to watch!

Run Buddy

Victory Cheer!

Even though they won about 10-0 Hunter asked on the way home, "did we win?" I hope the other team was as clueless to the score.

Mickey Turns 2!

A pretty princess birthday cake.

Grandma asked what McKenna would like on her cake. I told her that marketing hadn't seduced her yet but she had some things with princesses on them and knew what butterflies were.
We tried to rushe through the whole "party" because it was nap time. Can you tell?

The proud parents (and some strange man in the background)

Enough pictures! Dig in!

Who needs a spoon when you can do the face plant?

Present Time!

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said, "power ranger." In case you didn't know, Hunter has been fully indoctrinated by the power rangers. I knew that she just didn't know what to ask for. We found a pony at the church one day and I told her we couldn't take it home with us. She said, "birthday." So we bought her a "My Little Pony" and after seeing her reaction, we should have saved money and stopped there.

A princess ball from grandma and grandpa. The other party goers were Grandma Blanche, Matt and Carda and their family and Beth and Matt and their family.

A Trip to the Zoo

Hunter and Kistena
Ready to explore the world of wild animals!

Christmas in August!
Linda had our name for Christmas and bought us a family day pass to the zoo. We had a great time with our friends Chuck and Theresa.

A brown bear

Horseback riding... for pretend

The Polar Bear

Hunter is almost as big as the sun bear

McKenna Bear