Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Thanks heaven's for RJ

I think it's important to carve a pumpkin every year though it is not my favorite thing. Thankfully, RJ got down with the kids and helped them gut it.

I have to admit that I have an important role in this home too. It's called "keep the children alive." RJ gave them both steak knives and I didn't think it was such a great idea. I told him so then went to get Reagan ready for bed. The next thing I hear is crying accompanied by "I cut myself!"
They finished the pumpkin and the next thing I know RJ is trying to get it to balance in McKenna's windowsill with a lighter in one hand. I peered through the doorway to see if he was really doing what I thought he was. Hmm. I don't think putting an unsteady lit pumpkin in the windowsill of our crazy 4 year old is the best idea.

Fortunately I was successful at talking them into putting the pumpkin on the porch like normal people. McKenna ran down the stairs the next morning shortly after RJ left for work and she opened the front door. I told her that daddy had already left and she said "I know, I'm making sure my pumpkin is still here." She was so worried about someone stealing her pumpkin which is ironic since she has no problem leaving her bike out!

Como Zoo

We decided to make the most of the good weather we have left and went to the Como Zoo.

As you can see, there were all kinds of boards to stick your head through.

White fox

I love that she actually looks terrified!

It's more fun to watch the snake eat someone else right Kenna? What a sadist.

This cougar saw a squirrel in the tree on the other side of the fence. He was pacing back and forth licking his chops trying to figure out how he was going to catch that thing. McKenna must be a chip off the old block because I wanted to see him succeed in his quest.

I love wild cats! Tigers are my favorite. They are so beautiful and fierce. Unfortunately being locked in a zoo steals some of that fierceness and turns them into pacing mental patients.

Here we are being fierce

Cutest animal in the zoo by far.

Polar bear. Right at home in Minnesota.

Another cute one spotted! Hunter in the "ice" caves.

This seal was quite the entertainer. He kept throwing his cup in the air trying to catch it. He would also throw it in the water then dive in after it and launch himself back out onto this rock.

RJ likes the monkeys. There were some gorillas eating vomit and spitting it back up. I liked to sit on the bench behind them and listen for the "eeewwwww."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Keith Urban!

For my October date, RJ purchased tickets in April for the final concert of Keith Urban's "Get Closer" tour.

Rip roarin' to go!

I bought this shirt at Goodwill to feel a little more country.

We shared a dessert (which was beyond heavenly. We have been on a diet for two months where the only sugar we get is in one serving of fruit a day, yogurt or milk). On our way out, their were some basketballs with hand imprints of famous players. RJ is seeing how he measures up to Tim Duncan.

Opening Act

Jake Owen opened for Keith. He did a really good job.

We were off to the side of the stage but a lot closer than I anticipated. The crazy crowd went wild when Mr. Urban came out.

He kicked off with a few songs then chatted up the crowd with that wonderful accent of his. He read most of the signs that people had made. One of the signs said "Husbands are pheasant hunting. Wives want a picture with Keith." He called them up onto the stage and took pictures with them. He did a great job interacting with the crowd. He called up three people to sing solos, walked through the crowd and eventually signed and gave away his guitar!

There was a big "screen" at the back of the stage.

The concert ended up going until almost midnight (*note to self: wear tennis shoes next time). It was so fun doing something different, being at such a big event. Thanks for an amazing night dear!

Kids Crafts

Hunter and McKenna enjoys doing crafts and are very good at it!

She Works Hard For The Money!

McKenna helping me clean in style!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple Orchard

I took McKenna and her friend Charlotte to an apple orchard for play group one Wednesday.

They had a little "petting zoo" with goats, chickens, rabbits, and llamas. McKenna wanted nothing to do with the animals. I asked if they wanted to climb the hay mountain and they declined. The corn maze was closed this year (except for the weekends) so we mozzied on over to a big bird cage looking thing. "Climb to the top and wave" I said. "I don't want to" came the reply. Perhaps they wanted to just sit and watch the grass grow? No. They found something fun to do afterall. Swing on some small, rundown, overcrowded, swing set! Because of the line for the swings, their turn lasted about 2 minutes and thought we could have gotten a lot more out of a nearby park. "Oh well" I thought "let's take some pictures on the wooden train and make it look like we had a blast!"

In an effort to make the trip memorable, I decided to buy a bag of fresh made apple fritters and an apple to share (I didn't want to pick any because we got an invitation to pick as many apples as we wanted at a member's home). Last year, Kara bought apples and they cut one for her to share with us at lunch. I figured I would do the same so I dropped a few dollars on an apple ($4/lb) and guess what? They were of no service in helping me cut my apple. I stood and watched the girls eat their donut at a picnic table surrounded by bees and I took the monster apple home and put it in the fridge next to my 50 cent apples.

Turtle Rescue

I took McKenna and her friend for a bike ride and saw something move toward the street. I guess it's not a big deal to see turtles around here but I have never seen one in the "wild." We took it home and made a little place for it to stay until Hunter got home from school.

When it came time to free Billy, Hunter put him on a rock and he plunged into some water.

September Golf Date

We had to postpone our golf date because of scheduling conflicts, the weather and the fact that we had to wait one week to receive our coupon (which never came by the way). When we did finally go, it was awesome. The weather was perfect and the course was beautiful. It was a super fun date!

Apparently, nobody carries their own clubs on this course. A cart is built into the price of golfing. It was my first time driving a golf cart and it was fun.

RJ started getting into his groove toward the end.

I'm not sure that I have a groove but I only lost two balls! Don't judge my technique. Nobody ever taught me how to golf properly. I just swing and hope to hit the ball. It's a bonus if it gets airborne!


Camera Crazy

In an attempt to keep the kids from getting into trouble before church, RJ decided to do an impromtu photo shoot.

On conference Sunday, I put Reagan in a black turtle neck and blue jeans. McKenna decided to be "twins" and dressed accordingly. When Hunter woke up, I think McKenna talked him into wearing black and blue jeans as well. Ironically, in order to look a little more dressy for conference, RJ chose jeans and a black top. He swears he didn't plan it! I didn't follow suit and wore a pink T-shirt with shorts.

Playing the hymns of Zion.

Equal opportunity.

I love it when the kids play nice with each other. I have to capture these moments to remind me that they exist.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Field Trip

McKenna got to go on her first field trip on Monday. We went to a pumpkin farm. The kids played in a corn pit, saw cows, dogs, kittens and goats, picked pumpkins and went on a hay ride.

There was a handful of corn in her front pocket when we left. It was a lot of fun.

Reagan is matching the decor.

Yeah for the hay ride!

(Chloe is in the back in the green, Charlotte and her family minus Tim are behind McKenna and Sammy is in the front).