Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Milestone!

The day Hunter turned four months old, I started him on rice cereal. Reagan is five months now, so I decided to give it a try. I'm hoping our little sweet pea will sleep a little longer at night with something sticking to her ribs.
She was not excited about the consistency of the mush.
I am starting to remember that it takes a while or babies to learn to eat with a spoon. How quickly we forget!

Now we're having fun.

The Big 10 Gymastics Championship

Our March date was the Big 10 Women's Gymnastics Championship. We saw some good gymnastics and had a really good time (Reagan...not so much). I wanted to get a picture of some of the gymnasts but you're not supposed to take pictures with a flash during competition and I didn't think to have my camera out at the march in (since we barely made it in time). You'll just have to trust that we were there!

Post-Meet Performers

A unique, adult, male in spandex in a "cage". That's all I can say. I tried to imagine what it would be like to be his mother. Is she proud?

Yet another unique performance. Let's just say that the entertainment was sub-par. The "girlfriend" wiggled to the music while Casanova juggled (even from his knees). The 4 female contortionists that followed were even worse and I didn't even get a picture. RJ and I found that the real entertainment was in one of the coaches. It was a female coach from Penn. State. She wore a flouncy white top, a black knee length skirt and high heels. She grabbed her gymnasts hands before beam and floor and seemed to be going through their whole routine in fast motion. During their floor routines, on the sidelines, she performed all of their moved (minus tumbling and jumps). You would have thought that she was the one competing. You definetly had to be there.


I was so excited one Sunday at church when I saw a sign-up to play basketball in the Relief Society binder. I was the only one from my ward wanting to play at the time so I was placed on the Plymouth team. I knew that I wouldn't be the best player on the team but I was terrified to be the worst. I had so much fun playing! It felt good to be part of a team and to be competing. I have to thank my brothers for letting me play with them as we were growing up. I was able to knock down 2-3 3's a game and some jumpers. We made it past the first round in the tournament then lost.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oooh La La Beauty Spa!

For Valentine's Day, we bought McKenna a Fancy Nancy book called the "Oooh La La Beauty Spa." During "quiet" time one Sunday, Hunter and McKenna decided to create a beauty spa of their own.

Inside the spidy tent was a full service salon! They had crackers with nutella, trailmix, mandrins (for the health conscious), and marshmellows.

This is the "before" picture of me soaking my feet in my salad bowl turned foot bath. McKenna wanted the royal treatment too and every time she stuck her feet in, the water overflowed. Thank goodness for the towels all over the floor (they sure had a smart designer when they built this spa)!

It became clear to me why they were so anxious for me to come downstairs and be pampered. They couldn't wait one more second to dive into their snacks.

Hunter painted my toe nails and put a mask on me. Poor McKenna's mask left her face red.

We enjoyed free entertaiment per Hunter. We had to guess which princess card he was holding up. Cinderella!

I suppose that this is my "after" shot. Hunter put a handful of mouse in my hair and gave it a blow out. He said "I bet this is the best day of your life" when all was said and done. How do I look? The kids weren't so enthusiastic when I told them they would need to clean everything up. In the words of Fancy Nancy, they said they were "exhausted" and needed some pampering of their own. So much for the best day of my life!