Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blue and Gold Banquet


The pack meeting in March was the Blue and Gold banquet. Cammie did a really fun Olympic theme will all kinds of games and medals.  All the kids had fun.  Hunter was determined to take home the gold.  McKenna and Reagan just wanted to cross everything off.


McKenna and Charlotte


Hunter and William Rowley

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Defying the Weather

phone pics feb2014 018

We are so sick of the snow!  When it finally got above zero degrees, I went outside with the girls to let them run around.  Reagan decided, snow or not, she was going to ride her bike!

February Date List Date

I picked RJ up in downtown Minneapolis and we headed to a tour of the Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul.  The plan was to do a tour of these man made sandstone caves that were once secret meeting places for mobsters, prohibitionists and dance parties. 

Unfortunately, we missed the tour because of the icy roads.  Instead we have a clear picture of how unsuccessful we would be on a show like the amazing race.  Due to rush hour traffic, I had to stop at the traffic light before merging onto the free way.  I was unable to accelerate and my wheels simply spun as the cars behind us piled up as well as the panic in my chest.  Finally, RJ got out to push along with the driver behind us.  It was a failed attempt.  I continued to beg RJ to take over.  He finally relented while I stood and watched on the divider.  He backed up and moved the wheel around then came spinning towards me.  He straightened out and yelled hop in while he continued to roll forward.  Of course it sounds funny now but I wanted to punch the van, kick the snot out of the snow and swear openly as I hobbled and slipped around the front of our moving van with my still healing sprained ankle, opened the passenger door and was dragged a foot or two before pulling myself in.

We missed the tour by 10 minutes so we sat in a coffee shop for 50 minutes drinking the worst crème de mint hot chocolate I have ever had.

At 6 p.m. we found the dance floor and relearned the basic steps of swing.  There was a live band and a surprisingly large group of people.  We had to rotate partners as we learned each new step and practiced.  It reminded me of how RJ and I met.  It always made me so happy to re-partner with him.  Because of my ankle, we didn’t stay long.  In the end, it was a very cool date.  We will have to repeat it sometime.

phone pics feb2014 036

RJ is pulling his tough guy mobster face.