Monday, October 25, 2010

Being Cute Around the House

McKenna dresssed herself in her jammies (hence, the backward shirt). She also ran around pretending to be pregnant. That day better not come for at least 20 more years! Hunter was quite pleased to be wearing matching pajamas with his cabbage patch doll (which was originally mine).

Apparently, McKenna had a baby girl!

The kids, though they share a room, thought it would be special to have a slumber party. RJ set up the spiderman tent and pulled out the sleeping bags.

Our stuff arrived on the 10th of September and the kids had fun with the many boxes.

Hunter and Mckenna have been taking separate baths for quite some time now. Hunter was in the bath and I went downstairs. The next thing I knew, McKenna was naked and also in the tub. Instead of yelling at her, I ran downstairs to get the camera for one last bath tub duo shot.

(This picture was supposed to be next to the other picture of her and her baby but oh, well.)
I love this side shot.

Fun Family Excursions

We went to the park near the Como Zoo, had a picnic then walked through the conservatory.
Hunter covered in cheetoes' cheese.
I had to take a picture because he hates to have dirty fingers and food on his face. I know. I know. It doesn't look like he is in agony in this picture.

There was a little discovery type room next to the conservatory. Here they are learning about the recycling of water. Maybe they aren't learning anything except for the fact that it is fun to get wet! They squeeled so loud every time they made it rain by cranking a wheel.

We also went to the Children's Museum in St. Paul.
There was so much to see and do. We had a fun time but were ready to go home by the end of the day.

Hunter catching a big one!

There was a spook alley where the kids climbed through ant tunnels, spider webs and fog.

They got to dress up in different rooms. Here they are in little ranger vests by a pretend fire.

We learned about astronauts and how they have to strap themselves to a toilet. They also have to exercise 2 hours a day to keep their bones and muscles from deteriorating without the force of gravity.

There was a cute little mock town. It had a bus, doctor's office, post office, restraunt, grocery store and dress-up corner. I love this picture of Hunter as a fireman.

Minnetonka Apple Orchard
Apple orchards are big in Minnesota. We had a lot of fun at our first apple orchard ever.
We picked apples and with the help of Cammie, made homemade applesauce.

Minnesota's best apple is the Honey Crisp apple. It is so good!

Hunter, McKenna and Abby ready to climb the hay stack.

Hunter is king of the mountain.

Riding on the fun train with Hunter as conductor.

Cute little Kenna

The Como Zoo
It's a free zoo that accepts donations. We really enjoyed seeing all of the animals, going on the rides (at an adjacent carnival-like place) and eating out for lunch. What a fun day!

The kids' favorite part of the zoo was the orangatans. Here's the cute baby oragatan.

The kids tried to balance on one foot like the flamingoes.

The turtle whisperers.

McKenna turns 3!

McKenna turned three the same day Hunter started school. We had a special pancake breakfast and she got to choose her favorite meal for dinner- pizza and rootbeer. We did princess cupcakes and decorated them with pink frosting with a crown stuck in the top.
Here they are decorating the cupcakes.

How did that frosting migrate to her face?

RJ and I blew up a bunch of balloons the night before and put up streamers.

We spoiled her with gifts this year since she wouldn't have any kind of party or presents from friends or family.

A bathtime baby doll

A beauty kit

A tea party set

A new stroller (since Braiden broke her other one).
She also got a 3 in one princess game, play dough, and fancy dress-up shoes. It was a lot of fun watching her open stuff and play with it. I can't believe she is three!

Hunter's Starts School!

Ready or not, here comes Hunter!
I eagerly anticipated going school shopping with Hunter. It wasn't quite as fun as I thought it would be dragging McKenna along. She wouldn't stay in the stroller and had to go potty every 10 minutes. In the end, Hunter was pleased with his wardrobe.
He loved this shirt because it had a hood. We had to drive from Minneapolis to Maple Grove the first week of school. Here's Hunter standing in front of the door in our 14th floor executive suite.

I didn't think I would be one of those moms who cried on the first day of school. I was able to maintain my composure but felt my throat tighten as I walked away and saw three other moms hugging each other and crying.

I think kindergarten has been a big adjustment from pre-school. He use to be the top dog in his class of 8. Mrs. Krissy recognized all of his accomplishments and he loved her. Now he is just one of 24 kids (at least to his teacher) but to me, he is one in a million!
We had our first parent/teacher conference last night and the teacher asked if Hunter was always such a serious boy. She said he consistantly finishes his assignments and does his best work. He's very obedient and good at following directions. He has very good fine motor skills and is right where he needs to be academically. We hope he blossoms socially too.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Minneapolis Here We Come

Our flight went from Portland to Denver then Denver to Minneapolis. McKenna was excited aobut being on two planes! We found a "play area" mid-trip that consisted of about two tables and a TV. Hunter and RJ had a robot making competition but McKenna demolished them both.

Here is our "new" place. We weren't able to move in for a week so we stayed in an executive apartment in Minneapolis.
The living room

Dining room
why do they carpet the dining room? The builder obviously doesn't have kids!

The Kitchen

The downstairs bathroom
The only room with color on the walls. McKenna was so excited about the number of bathrooms. Count them with me- #1.

Master bedroom

Master bath

Kids bathroom
A total of 3 bathrooms! Yippee! Whoever visits can have a personal tour from McKenna of all three!
Baby sister's room

Hunter and McKenna's room
Notice that none of the bedrooms or the living room have a light fixture! We are in serious need of lamps. Who builds a home without putting a light fixture in the bedrooms?

The laundry room
A tight sqeeze for a 9 month pregnant woman to fit between the appliances and laundry hampers!

The back yard
Hunter's favorite feature. He thinks the whole thing is ours. I guess they can run anywhere they want. Apparently it is frowned upon to have a fenced back yard in Minnesota. I expected it with a townhouse but even home owners have a common yard. It will be great fun for sledding in the winter.

Saying "Goodbye"

We went to Grandma/pa Morrison's one more time. Dave and Christine and their family came for one last hurrah!

This picture was taken Sunday morning after a few late nights and before a long trip home for Dave's family.

We love grandma Blanche

We tried to get together with other friends and family too.

Hunter, McKenna and Kistena

McKenna and Kayla

McKenna and Olivia

Hunter and Kaleigh

Bye-bye deSully family (out of order picture)

McKenna pushing Rachel on the swing. What's wrong with this picture? How about McKenna wearing a too-small winter coat in the heat of the summer!

Hunter, Caleb, and Jarom hanging around

Grandma/pa bought McKenna's b-day gift and gave it to her early to give her something to do on the plane. She is going to miss them!

Everybody smile eventhough we're sad

Matt and Carda's family-Thanks for housing us and transporting us!
I was lucky enough to have lunch with Beth at Famous Daves but was not able to capture the moment on camera. Thanks for a great lunch and better company Beth!

A rough good-bye to the house that grew on us. We moved in feeling like it was our only option (as much as we didn't want to). We left with heavy hearts after putting so many hours and dollars into it.