Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in Ohio

We really miss being with family for the holidays so we decided to drive to Ohio to be with Sean and Melissa and their family. We thought it best to split the trip into two days. Our first destination was South Beloit, IL (which is a little less than half way). We stopped at Perkins for lunch and took some pictures with the giant mouse and moose.

The kids are supposed to be making mouse faces but McKenna just looks miserable.

RJ gets the father of the year award for cleaning up three unpleasant bodily fluids from McKenna in a 24 hour period. She had a belly ache and diarreahed in her car seat. The next morning, she puked on her sunday dress. That evening she pead her pants in the car. We just laughed when the third attack came along.

The kids enjoyed the hotel stay more than we did I'm sure. We swam, stayed up until the kids could stay up nolonger, and ate blueberry waffles for breakfast.

Reagan always did great the first 3-4 hour leg of each trip.

In an effort to not watch movies on Sunday, I sat in the back and read Junie B. books to the kids.

Hunter liked it more than he is letting on.


Originally our plan was to bypass Chicago. We chose another route looking at our road map which we stupidly left at home. Our Tom Tom kept wanting to take us through Chicago so we decided to follow it. We also punched the wrong Milford Ohio into the Tom Tom and drove in circles for about 2 hours. The kids held it together suprisingly well but RJ and I were about to lose it.

We stopped at Dairy Queen to keep our little passengers happy.

We finally arrived at Sean and Melissas and were ready to hit the sack. RJ and I tried to maintain our workout program while on vacation but we were not perfect.

RJ enlisted the children.

Notice that Tony, the instructor, is no longer doing a table top. I made them hold it for the picture.

Tuesday morning I got up early to attend Sean's seminary class. He teaches (as a calling) in his basement. In true Morrison fashion, he asked me to teach his lesson but I was looking forward to seeing him do what he does well. He had all kinds of nice things to say about me when he introduced me which made waking up at 5:40 a.m. worth it. He also did a fantastic job teaching about the temple. For those who have gone through the temple, I would suggest studying Exodus 28. Thanks Sean!

On Tuesday, we went to a fun, free indoor park. On Wednesday, we went to the children's museum.

Children's Museum

We learned about the history and making of Cincinatti.

There were some huge train displays and a little train ride at the end. Josh was too tall to go on it (and really bummed) but Hunter wasn't. Hunter chose not to go and I like to think that it was for Josh's sake.

Melissa had a cute idea to make a thankful wreath. McKenna did a great job tracing the letters I wrote under her direction.

Melissa bought heavy whipping cream and the kids (and Sean) shook baby jars full of cream to make their own butter. They were pretty excited to use it on their rolls at lunchtime. Reagan is probably chasing Izzy (the dog) in the background. She loved that dog!

Sean and Melissa with our delicious Thanksgiving spread.

We were all so hungry and excited to eat but one plate filled us up and we were disappointed that we couldn't stuff ourselves anymore.

The kids made cute turkeys for the turkey shoot. McKenna is mercilessly shooting her turkey at point blank range.

We are really grateful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with family. Thanks Sean, Melissa and kids!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Blessings of Tithing

When RJ and I were trying to decide whether or not to purchase the corrective helmet for Reagan, money was a big isssue. We were told that it would cost $3,500. We assumed that we would also have a $50 co-pay per visit with the specialist tacking on another couple hundred and that our insurance would not cover one penny. After meeting with Ryan, I felt like we needed to go ahead and bite the bullet. Girls have a hard enough time accepting themselves, I didn't want Reagan to have one more thing to dislike about her beautiful self if we could fix it now. Of course we were also concerned about possible learning delays and being able to get glasses to fit properly (her ears were misaligned.) RJ supported my decision and so far, there has been a 3% improvement. It has been a slow transformation because we didn't capitize on the prime time to put her into the helmet which was 5 months old. We finally got the bill in the mail and to my shock the helmet ended up costing $2,450. Insurance then paid $1,560 leaving us with a balance of $890! I had to read the bill several times. My heart filled with gratitude and I told myself, "that is the blessing of paying an honest tithe!"

Look Who's Walkin'

Reagan has been taking a few steps here and there. Her first two steps were from the TV to mom on October 19th. Finally we were able to record some of the action. It won't be long before she's jumping on the couch and running away from her parents like her big brother and sister.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

there lived a woodsman named Hunter. He decided to go back to school, get a higher education and subsequently a higher paying job. At the school parade, he dressed up as Boba Fett.

He had many friends who lived in the nearby forest including a lion and cat. (left to right: unknown, Mary, Paige, unknown, Hunter, Lauren, Brynn, Chloe, Kenna, Josiah, Reagan)

One day while working in the forest, he heard a scream from a cute little girl in a red hooded cape named Little Red Riding Hood. She was taking an enormous chocolate chip cookie to her sick (but very becoming) grandma when she saw the Big Bad Wolf. He saved them all and took the chocolate chip cookie home to share with his wife.

Yummy enough to eat!

The End

The spoils which came to about 150 pieces of candy each. McKenna finished hers in five days! It was one of the hardest things I have had to do as a mom- watch my daughter exert zero self control. I decided not to police them this year as long as they ate breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Roo Turns 1!

Reagan has been a joy to this family (she may not be as thrilled with us). I can't believe it has already been one year!

She is such a pensive girl. She has been cruising around furniture and pushing McKenna's cart and princess car.

McKenna loves to help make treats. Especially the licking the bowl part.

My big helper. She was so excited about Reagan's birthday that she woke up around 6:30 a.m., walked down the stairs and made the announcement. She had the hardest time waiting for cup cakes and presents.


Yep! We're good.

Grandma Morrison sent a little outfit and monkey bag. It's not obvious but she does likes her presents.

For the life of them, Hunter and McKenna could not restrain themselves from opening her presents. She didn't seem to mind. I on the other hand was annoyed.

Looking cute in her new dudds.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Dance

The singles invited us married folk to their halloween dance. They did a great job with decorations. It was disappointing that so few people came. RJ and I decided to make the most of our babysitter and bust a move even if we were the only people on the floor. If we were celebrities, on-lookers would say that it looked like we were very much in love and enjoying ourselves.

At the last minute we decided to be teen wolf and his 80's friend. Don't ask me what we are doing in this picture.

Photo shoot. Pegged pants and all.

Line dancing it up!