Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was very low key this year.  We decided to do our big Christmas dinner on Christmas day so Grandma and Grandpa Morrison could join us.  RJ sewed the girls’ Elsa jammies all day.  I had the idea back in October and picked out the material and pattern.  It was quite the experience as I had won surprise after another when it came to paying at the register.  I thought with Amanda and Pam here, they would be eager to do a project .  Amanda got most of Hunter’s done and some pieces cut out for the girl’s but the rest was left to RJ.  He did an amazing job and got it done in the nick of time (literally at bedtime).  We read the Christmas story as experienced in the America’s, set out lemon read and carrots for Santa and his reindeer and  tucked the kids in.  They made a fort in Hunter’s room and wanted to all sleep together.  It was reminiscent of my childhood.  I can’t believe they actually went right to sleep!  When the kids were asleep, I made our famous cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast.




Hunter’s Duck pajamas were too small last year, so we tried one more time.  There will be no third time’s a charm next year.  We are buying pajamas!



Little Ryder wore a velvety blue sleeper that Hunter wore as a baby.  It read “Baby’s First Christmas”.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



We had Robert’s name for Christmas this year.  He wanted P90X so RJ and the kids made him a cover for his workout videos.  They promised he could look like them if he stuck to the schedule.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ryder’s First Weeks

We are determined to give Ryder every opportunity to have a nice round head.  He doesn’t like tummy time so when he is good and asleep, we put him on his belly.


First “real” bath!


Gingerbread Houses

It’s tradition to make gingerbread houses in December.  We usually invite another family to join us.  This year, we asked Katie Burton to come enjoy the sweetness.  I did get lazy and use graham crackers and store bought frosting instead of making my own gingerbread and frosting.


The children have learned that whatever candy they get on their “house”, they can keep.  They tend to load the attic and the yard with “decorations”.

Mission Call



My parents have been wanting to serve a mission for several years.  Our family friend, Blanche Bright made it a possibility this year.  They gathered with their children after Janessa’s baby blessing and opened their call. To all of our surprise, it read… you are hereby called to serve in the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission!  We were all VERY excited.  In the summer, mom had asked if they should postpone turning in their papers so they could come help when the baby was born.  I told them to get their papers in and not worry about us.  We are thrilled that they could be here to meet Ryder and be with us for other important events at least for one year.

Christmas Lights


RJ found out about this tree and thought it would be fun to go see it.  It’s the same size as the one at the Rockefeller Center (80 ft).  It was actually transplanted to Rice Park and lit.  It was hard to enjoy in the bitter cold but the kids can’t say we never got out and did stuff!

Monday, January 5, 2015

2 Digits!


I talked to Hunter several times before Thanksgiving trying to plan his birthday party.  I knew once baby came, I would be out of commission for a few weeks and I didn’t want him to feel forgotten.  RJ and I threw out all kinds of suggestions but he finally landed on inviting his two closest friends (Nate and Josh) from school to see “The Penguins of Madagascar” in the theater.  RJ took the boys and got popcorn, snacks and drinks.  We had cake, ice cream and opened presents afterward.


Nate was pretty tricky and wrapped this big box.  Inside that box was another box and so forth down to a small box with tons of football cards.



Josh gave him a family game of “Spot It” which we have already enjoyed many times.


The next day was Sunday, Hunter’s real birthday.  McKenna was so anxious for him to open his presents that we did it after breakfast.


McKenna gave him one of her stuffed animals and wrapped it in this baby bag.


Both sets of grandparents gave him $5.


RJ and I really struggled on what to give him.  Even Hunter didn’t know what he wanted.  Finally, RJ thought he might like a becket.  He loves collecting football cards and is always asking RJ which ones are the best.  RJ figured Hunter would spend hours looking up how much each card was worth.  It was too overwhelming though and he decided to return it the next day.  He still hasn’t decided what to spend his money on.  He’s quite the saver! 

We have a $75 budget for birthdays and unfortunately after the movies and this $45 becket, the money was gone so Hunter didn’t get to open anything else and he had a bum birthday.



Hunter requested cheese burgers, doritos and a mint oreo ice cream cake for his birthday dinner. 

We love Hunter very much and are grateful for the things we are learning together as he takes us on new parenting territory each year.