Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Norman Morrison Reunion #3

With much anticipation, we awaited the day of the reunion. Unfortunately, Sean and Melissa were unable to attend. A lot of hard work went into planning it and boy did we have fun. Here are the pictures to prove it!

Family Home Evening

Matt and Carda prepared a wonderful family home evening lesson on being the light of the world. As all good seminary teachers should, Matt had an object lesson. It was one involving electricity. The kids were all excited to see if anyone was brave enough to get electricuted. Thankfully, none of them stuck their fingers in the water with live wires. Maybe it should have been a lesson on temptation?

Fun Activities and Unforgettable Moments

When I heard that there were tennis courts nearby, I put together a tennis tournament.
It's all fun and games until you play with a competitive Morrison.

Here I am serving to Matt.

A Killer Game of Kickball
In the Red Corner we have Hunter, Bailey, Brynlee, Caleb, Spencer, and all the other grandchildren present

The Blue Corner

RJ- the first baseman

Daniel-out field

Matt- pitcher and Dave (not pictured)
It was a ruthless game that sent at least two children into tears.

Skit Night
We had a skit night in which each family had to bring 5 props. We drew numbers to see which bag of props we would get. Dave got the lucky bag with a pair of thong underwear respectfully refered to as "Goldie". Here he is as a circus performing weight lifter hoisting Riley high above his head. This outrageous stunt was one of the two skits to make my blog.

Dan and Sandy as pirates. What could top seeing Dan in a unitard?

How about adding a pair of goggles!

What goofballs! Who ever said there was such a thing as sibbling rivalry? We had so much fun together, we were up into the weee hours of the night laughing, playing and talking.

Thanks to RJ's mad dutch oven skills, we enjoyed italian chicken, potatoes with bacon and blueberry cobbler.

Eager Hikers!

Thanks to the Discovery Center in Reedsport and the Portland Zoo, I was able to identify bear scat while on our friendly little hike. I couldn't help but think "What would I honestly do if a bear attacked me right now?"

RJ and I have been on only a handful of hikes together. Our first one was hiking the "Y" in Provo. We were dating and wanting to impress each other with our level of fitness. In attempted silence, we gasped for breath and stopped only to enjoy the scenery (or that was our excuse). Hunter almost died of hyerthermia in our second hike and because the path wasn't as stoller-friendly as was implied by our host, I had to run it back to the car and clocked an extra 3-4 miles. I will have to say, that this family hike was a much more pleasant experience. Not too easy but not too hard. It wasn't too hot nor was it too cold but how did that baby bear once put it? Oh yeah, it was "just right!"

The Summit!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Picture Day

Pinata Time
It wouldn't be a family reunion without knocking the head off a pinata.
McKenna knows what to do with a stick

Hunter getting serious about busting that clown up. Of course Grandma made sure that everything was split evenly. It was not a free for all.

Being Silly with Canteloupe

Me and my hairdresser

Boys will be boys

Grandma and Grandpa with almost all of their grandchildren

The Whole Group

Megan, RJ, Hunter and McKenna

Beth, Matt, Madalyn, Carter, Hayden, Bailey, and Paige
(Because Beth was our photographer, her family pictures were the last one's taken and the kids had had enough).
Matt, Carda, Jarom, Amanda, Caleb, and Rachel

Dave, Christine, Austin, Parker, Brynlee, Spencer, Carson, and Rylee

Dan, Sandy, and Dezi

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big 30!

I can't believe I'm 30! Like my brother Matt said, 30 is younger than it used to be. Sometimes, I still can't believe I have kids! My birthday came and went pretty much like any other day. I bought fixings to make one of my favorite breakfasts- french toast but to my surprise, RJ made breakfast for me (he's just not a morning person and I accept that). RJ gave me a gift certificate to TJ Maxx and told me he'd watch the kids and I could enjoy a guiltfree shopping spree.

RJ had to work so I took the kids to coldstone to get my free birthday creation. Then I went to Hollywood Video to get my free birthday rental. I spent much of the day getting ready for our 3rd Morrison Family Reunion. Of course I fielded calls from my thoughtful siblings who almost all belted out the "Happy Birthday" song. Finally I put the kids down and watched my movie- "Confessions of a Shopaholic" (which was an average movie). I fell asleep in the last 15 minutes. Maybe I am getting old!?

RJ's Birthday!

Unfortunately I don't have pictures to document RJ turning 31. He had to work the swing shift at the distribution center so we only had a few hours with him from the time he woke up to the time you had to go back to work. I told Hunter and McKenna I would give them each a dollar and we could go to the dollar store to find something for daddy. Then I told Hunter (not expecting him to be on board with the idea) that it would be even more meaningful if he purchased a gift with his own money. He said, "OK" and grabbed his hard earned $5 from weeks of chores and selling brownies.
He didn't want to stop at one gift once we got to the store and I told him not to spend all his money. "It's OK" he said, "I can always do more chores." I was really touched by his selflessness.
We bought KFC (one of RJ's favorite take out foods) and went to the park. I bought him a game and some clothes. Then we went home and had a choice of homemade vanilla icecream with chocolate cake or a rootbeer float (another love of RJ's). It was a fun afternoon.