Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Sweet Reagan’s 3rd Birthday

We took some pictures while Hunter was at school.


Reagan picked a strawberry cake.  Originally she wanted cherry but she settled for the next pink thing when Target and Aldi were out of cherry.  I tried to persuade her to get an ice cream that went with strawberries but she chose mint chocolate chip (which happens to be my favorite so I won’t complain even if it doesn’t go with the flavors of the cake).

Here she is licking the bowl from her cake mix.


This is the worst looking cake ever!  I’m embarrassed that RJ took this picture.   I should have stuck with all white.  Oh well, it still tasted good.


When McKenna saw me hanging stars for the Halloween party, she decided to hand some that she made in her room and to have Reagan’s party upstairs.  McKenna made two cards and picked out an Ariel book for Reagan.


RJ and I bought her this dress.


Hunter wrapped some of his Pokemon cards and a glow ball for her.


We also gave her these little babies with a bunk bed and 5 puzzles (below).  We completed 4/5 of them in one day.  Three of them are 100 pcs, 1 48 pcs and 1 24 pcs.


Grandma and Grandpa Morrison bought this gift while they were here and wrapped it up for her to open on her birthday.  She loves play dough and it’s a little kitchen play dough set.

Grandma Blanche sent her $20 and Grandpa Reeve sent a card with $1.  She was thrilled with everything.


She blew out her candles with Hunter’s help.

We watched the video that RJ made for her from birth to one for FHE.  It’s amazing to see her grow so fast.  She has been a huge blessing to this family.  We all adore her.  How could anyone not?  She is the sweetest little girl.

Halloween Party

I decided to do a Hollywood themed Halloween party this year.  I invited about 31 people but two other people were having parties that night and 20 of the people I invited went elsewhere.  I felt like our party got hijacked but was determined to have fun regardless.  We laid out a red carpet, hung silver and gold stars (cut out by hand), had a back drop for pictures, cheesecake disguised as tuxedos, sparkling apple juice with wine glasses, Oscar awards, ballot boxes, and three games (trivia, celebrity impersonations, and guess that star).  Despite all my efforts, it kind of felt like a tired party.  I hope people had fun and will come back next year.


Eric and Nicki Gardner came as Thing 5 and Thing 6


Mike and Karina Tew were Kiefer Sutherland (in 24) won best actor and Shirley Temple won best dressed.


Ryan and Janessa were Kermit and Audrey Hepburn (37 weeks pregnant).  Janessa won best actress.


Melissa and Forest were Wayne and Garth.  They won the best look a likes.


Justin and Sara won best snack.


Jessica didn’t win a prize but she came as grumpy cat and rocked the trivia game.


RJ and I were wedding day Ken and Barbie.  RJ won best dressed.  He looked great! He’s always such a great sport always supporting me in everything I do.


Here is one of the 6 awards.  They were big boxes of candy.


My stars!

Grandma and Grandpa’s Visit!


When I found out that Josh Groban was coming to Minneapolis in October, I quickly thought of how to get mom out here for her birthday so we could go together.  Dad told her they were coming out for her birthday but not about the concert.

The kids counted the days for Grandma and Grandpa’s arrival.  Hunter said he loves when they come because he always gets spoiled.  Well it was no different this time.  They bought Hunter a tin of pokemon cards and the girls got beautiful necklaces with their birthstones.


Wednesday was business as usual… dance class, school and cub scouts.  RJ and I also got to play volleyball together in the evening.


On Thursday we went to a morning movie at the theater “Captain Phillips” and out to lunch at the Olive Garden.  It was a really good movie (true story about the rescue of a captain from Somali pirates by US Navy Seals).

That afternoon we took the kids to an Apple Jacks while mom stayed and rested.

The kids played in the corn pit, we went through the maze and picked out some outstanding pumpkins.  We also brought home an apple fritter for grandma.


On Friday we went to the Como Zoo (RJ’s favorite) and did pizza and a movie in the evening.




On Saturday, I had a volleyball game in the morning.  Dad came to watch.  I rushed home to get ready and pick up the babysitter so mom and dad and I could surprise RJ and show up at the temple for a session.  I contacted his coordinator previous to see if it was possible to see RJ during our session.  It turned out that RJ was working at the front desk and looked over the session he was asked to officiate.  He saw our names so the surprise was a bust but it was still a really special morning.  Mom and Dad got to be the witness couple.

I made a reservation at Hubert’s for mom and I to go out to dinner before the show.

We both got chicken wraps, sweet potato fries and dessert.



Judith Hill was his opening act.  It was neat because RJ and I such saw her on the reality show “The Voice.”


Violinists came down the isles and began playing before Josh made his entrance.  His opening song was “Brave.” The kids would have loved to have been there.  They beg me to put his CD in and always ask me to play “number 1” (Brave). 

His voice was incredible.  He also played the piano and drums.  He is quite the artist.  It was a wonderful evening that won’t ever be forgotten.


After getting the kids off the school, mom put Reagan down for a nap and dad and I went bowling and shopping.  It took three games for him to warm up but when he did, he got a turkey!


In the evening, we had a birthday party for mom.  I made a spaghetti dinner as requested with salad and garlic bread.  For dessert I made a lemon sponge cake and bought strawberries and cool whip.  Dad bought a ring of mom’s birthstone and we gave her earrings.  Afterward mom and dad did a family home evening lesson.  They talked about the value of a dollar and how it’s still of worth if it’s crinkled.  They told the kids that they are all of value even when they make mistakes.



We really enjoyed their visit and hope there will be many more.