Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christmas Morning

We told the kids they could come get us up at 7:30 a.m. and by golly, they waited until 7:30!  They didn’t even peek!  We read all of our “hay” strips of service rendered and received from the manger before walking down together.


Santa brought Hunter a large lego set.


He brought McKenna a sewing machine and Reagan got a mini trampoline because she is always bouncing on the beds, chairs and couch.


The kids got to open their stockings while we pulled breakfast together.  Grandpa and Grandma Morrison came just in time for cinnamon rolls.DSC_0633


Ever since McKenna got her ears pierced, she has been asking for “fashion glasses” and high heels!



Name draw gifts. 

McKenna had Hunter.  She made him an Oregon Duck pillow case and painted a large “O” to decorate his room.


RJ had McKenna.  He found this simple dress pattern and loved this cheery material.


With the help of grandpa Reeve and RJ, Hunter made Reagan this sleigh for her Our Generation doll’s horse to pull.


Reagan had my name and she made me an awesome turquoise and coral necklace with the help of Amanda. 

I made RJ a survival kit.  I packed a box with a bunch of gifts to open when… (he felt hungry, bored, cold, unappreciated, discouraged etc.)

Grandma and grandpa gave Hunter an Oregon Ducks hat and shirt.  McKenna got some yarn, a craft pouch, and a new primary piano book.  Reagan got a tank with a swimming mermaid. That is as close as this house will get to owning a pet.  She also got an Our Generation doll outfit and puppy.


McKenna got her heels!  Well, one and a half inch pumps.


Santa brought me a real string of pearls with a matching bracelet and earrings.  RJ always comes through with the much anticipated “date list”.

I am so excited about this years list of dates.  In late November we were trying to figure out which theatrical performance to attend for our December 2014 date.  I saw that Beauty and the Beast was coming to the Orpheum and told RJ I would love to take my mom since I didn’t think he would have much interest.  Little did I know that he had already purchased two tickets for March 2015’s date list!  I’m also stoked about Escape MSP, and dance lessons.


Santa brought RJ a new sports coat, sweater, and collared shirt.  I also gave him some work shirts since he is busting out the elbows on his shirts left and right!  He also made the comment once when we were buying sheets for Ryder that he wished fuzzy sheets came in grown up sized mattresses.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw fleece sheets at Aldi on one of my routine grocery runs.  I couldn’t pass them up and I tell you what… they are absolutely heavenly!



RJ and I gave Reagan legos.


Hunter got the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and math magic kit.


McKenna has been begging for a shrinky dink.



Grandma and grandpa had to leave before our big fancy dinner of fillet mignon, roasted potatoes and carrots, salad, garlic bread and pumpkin pie.

It’s always sad to see Christmas day come to an end.