Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wild Game Park

RJ is wanting to make the most of his weekends by planning day trips. He called and set up this trip with grandma/pa Morrison. We went to the Wild Game Park petting zoo.

McKenna was fearless and if the animals didn't bite McKenna's fingers off, Hunter took courage.

Affectionate wallaby's. It was really cute to see them hugging and nestling up with one another.

We got to pet a 6 week old baby leopard. Hunter didn't realize how cool it was because he just looked like a cat.

This baby lion cub is 4 weeks old. They separate the animals from their mothers 10 days after birth and begin to socialize them.

My favorite animals at the zoo are always those in the feline family. Even though I hate domestic cats, I love wild ones!

King of the Jungle

Poor guy doesn't have much of a palace

White Siberian tiger

A male and female black bear

This is the bear cat. It's ugly but apparently when it "marks" it's territory, it smells like popcorn or homemade bread. Who dares to verify that little tid bit of info. hmm?

Petting the reindeer

Fourth of July

We spent the 4th with some of the most patriotic people in America- my mom and dad. Who better to spend the holiday with that someone who gave their life for this country and someone who gave up their family for this country?

We enjoyed a picnic in the arctic, I mean Lake Marie with Matt and Carda and family and our good family friend "Grandma Blanche" (who by the way was the only one smart enough to bring a winter coat to a picnic in July)!

I think our most memorable moments though were those had at the play ground. Us parents decided to join our children in a friendly game of tag. Of course with the Morrison competitive spirit there was some showing off to be sure. Our first casualty was RJ. In an attempt to squeeze his 6'3'' body between two vertical bars at a high velocity, he clocked himself just above his eye. It was a decent gash that made it difficult to tell whether or not the crimson blood was coming from his eye or slightly above.

Carda was quick to follow with a pulled shoulder muscle from a speedy getaway down the slide.

We chuckeld some that the adults were dropping like flies and I wondered how soon it would be before I got my share.

Instead of me, it was Matt. The one who was practically jogging across the monkey bars was now covered with bark chips lying nerve rackingly still under a giant fish bridge. Fortunately, he only almost knocked himself out by miscalculating the height of the bridge when he tried to make a break for it.

We decided to wrap up our friendly game of tag before we had to carry one of us home in a bag!

Wedding Bells

RJ and McKenna dancing at the reception

The Reeve family (minus Linda who gave birth to Pamela on June 24th, 2009).
From left to right: RJ, Sage, Pam, Lori, Reed, Peter, Shannon, Bert, Amanda, Robert

Peter and Shannon at the St. George temple

Peter and Shannon at their reception

Peter and Shannon had a reception on Friday and were sealed in the St. George temple on Saturday (in the same room RJ and I were sealed). The sealer delivered a great message about keeping our marriages strong. It was moving to think about how much RJ and I have grown since we knelt at that alter. I'm glad we did by the way.

Visiting Utah

Following our cruise, we drove to Utah. We had so much fun. We spent a day with our good friends Dave and Mila (and their daughter, June). Wednesday was what us Reeve women call "Sister Day." I was in charge this year and planned "The Amazing Sister Day Race." I had fun both planning and participating in activities that helped me get to know my sisters better. I'm so grateful to our good men who support this special day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Honeymoon #2

My special cruise pants!
I was so excited about my white pants. The cruise went by so fast, I almost didn't get to wear them. I don't know where I'm going to where them off the ship when I have two children climbing all over me with sticky fingers.

RJ and "La Buffadora"
and some stranger's butts.

La Buffadora
According to "Nacho" our taxi driver, "You haven't seen Ensenada until/unless you've seen La Buffadora." According to him, there are only 5 in the world. We decided we had better see what all the fuss was about. From parking to the eruption, there were several merchants with clothes, toys, hammocks, food, and pharmaceuticals. The pharmacies are what got me. They had one about every 10 booths. It just occured to me why- every merchant was giving us such a headache to buy their stuff- we must need medication!

Ready or not, here I come!

RJ and I were the only ones on the excursion and it only cost $32 for both of us! RJ will debate with you whether or not we got a good deal.

Does Mike Meyers on Saturday Night Live ring a bell?
This picture was taken in Ensenada Mexico. I found a place on line called "Las Canadas"- a camp that had several ziplines and suspended bridges. We found a taxi and ventured off from the safety of the cruise ship and it's associated excursions. Our driver's name was "Nacho." They seem to think that "Nacho Libre" is a super hero comparable to superman.
We got an eye full of what life in Mexico looks like- rules without enforcement, litter, shacks for homes, and a lot of poverty stricken people.

The water was cold but we had to stick our feet in it.

A bicycle built for two!
I have always wanted to ride a tandum bike. But now that I have. I probably won't do it again. There were selected areas on the island that we could ride. One of them was up a 2 mile long hill. It said it was a "slight" hill on the map so off we went. I was determined to make it up that hill. RJ said he felt like he was pulling my weight and I thought, "Oh, contrair good buddy, I'm pushing yours." It was hot and RJ was ready to give up but I pushed him to his limits which was as close to puking as I wanted to get. Finally we made it to the top and I felt like we accomplished what every other tandum riding couple had when I looked over and saw one couple after another walking their bikes up the hill. My appologies to RJ! By the way, going down hill was way more fun.
Up and Away (600 ft. away)


Parasailing Paradise:

"Look, I'm sailing!"
First Stop: Catalina Island

RJ wanted to surprise me and take me on a cruise as a gift for enduring his long hours of absense due to work and school. The cat got out of the bag and just in time too. I had some precruise prep work to do like get a new wardrobe and lose a few pounds (just to gain it back by the way). We ended up going with Carnival for the 4 day baja mexico cruise. RJ's parents took Hunter and McKenna back with them to Utah and we drove down to Los Angeles in our new (used) van. It was an unusually quiet, tantrum free trip and we enjoyed every second of it!

A Long Awaited Day!

Mom and Dad Morrison showing there support
Mom and Dad Reeve- very proud parents
RJ graduated from OSU on June 13th, 2009 with his MBA. It was the most rewarding graduation ceremony to date because it required the most sacrifice. We celebrated afterward with a luncheon at Bo-Mack's BBQ. The real celebrating, however, was yet to come.