Monday, January 31, 2011

The Karate Kid

We signed Hunter up for karate to let him try something new and boost his self confidence. He felt pretty tough in his last class when he got to break boards. His teacher often comments on how focused he is. He doens't horse around like some of the other kids and he tries to execute each move with perfection.


I don't know the name of this lake but it has not lost its utility with the coming of winter. In the back of the picture is a black tent where people stay and ice fish. Cars and trucks drive out onto the ice and children play hockey and ice skate.

Another Lost Tooth

When Hunter's tooth was semi-loose, he begged us to pull it. This was a shock to RJ and I since he fears discomfort so much. We were a bit squimish ourselves knowing it would take some tugging. The thought of the toothfairy overwhemled him and outweighed all reason so I pulled out the ora-gel. He accidently got some on his tongue and began to second guess himself. We were unsuccessful at extracting his tooth that night and he didn't bother us about it for a whole week. It was practically hanging like an ornament in his mouth so RJ manned up and gave it a yank. It made a bloody mess in our sink and when I asked Hunter to smile for the camera, he hid his face because he said he looked too scary.

Weighing In

Our dainty little peanut is growing so fast! At her two month well check, she weighed in at 13 lbs. 2 oz. She is in the 95% for weight, 75% for height, and 50% for head circumference. Hunter saw her before her bath and was concerned that she may be overweight when he saw her alligator belly.

Mitt Boy to the Rescue!

Hunter was playing around one evening and I thought he got pretty clever with these mitts. He was happy to oblige me with some photos of our super hero in action.

Henne's Art Company

RJ and I went to an art show for our January date. We were really impressed with some of the work that we saw. However, I must say that $800 is a hefty price for some black scribbles that Hunter or McKenna could easily duplicate. There were some unique people there. It was a fun and different date though and it got our creative juices flowing.

Back to Basics

While travelling in December, RJ came up with a new family vision for the Reeves. We talked about it, then he presented it to the kids at our first FHE of the new year. It is called "Back to Basics." There are two main areas of focus. First- creating a more gospel centered home. Second- embracing a more active lifestyle.

A gospel centered home is one where we make spirituality a priority. Not only should we make good choices but the best choices. We ordered "The Friend" a few months ago and will use Sunday's to better utilize this great magazine. We will continue to read the scriptures as a family (we are so close to finishing the Book of Mormon for the first time. It has taken about 3 years!), and say prayers. We will also read the Doctrine and Covenants (children's version) before the children's elective story at bedtime. RJ and I will go to the temple more frequently even if that means we have to go individually at times.

An active lifestyle includes getting unplugged and getting healthy. When RJ told the kids what it meant to "get unplugged", McKenna hopped off the couch, made a b-line to the TV and yanked the cord out of the wall. Hunter was equally enthused. He jumped on the couch and cheered while RJ explained that we are not going to be boring people. We aren't going to make excuses for not doing the things that we want to do. We are going to start utilizing our non-TV time to learn music, read, exercise, get organized, get involved in sports or clubs, or simply enjoy each others company.

I'm really grateful for RJ's inspired counsel. I'm so excited about growing as an individual and as family.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

RJ and I were looking forward to our New Years Eve evening. We just had to make it through the day first! The kids were going stir crazy so we finally took them to an indoor maze at the community center.

Here's McKenna after emerging from the slide. Side note* it looks like she is wearing some kind of body suit but it is just a funny looking picture of her undershirt.

Hunter is such a good big brother. He stayed with McKenna helping her climb things that were difficult for her.

Reagan excited about a new year! I love that she smiles back at us now.

RJ took this picture of our little Reagan Ru.

With our new stir crazy popper, we made homemade kettle corn. We also enjoyed some carmel orange corn with craisins, icecream and cookies and chips with cheese sauce. Our weightloss could wait 'til Monday. We rented "Knight and Day" at a redbox and had a great time together. We watched the ball drop at 11pm and made a toast. It was off to bed after that so that we could function the next day. Our partying days are over.

I love seeing tiny Reagan in daddy's arms.

Here's Reagan's cute "bear" butt jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Morrison.

We heard the kids up late playing. When we went upstairs for the night, there was a huge mess and the two of them passed out by our bedroom.

Date Night with the Timberwolves

The Jazz played the Timberwolves on the 22nd of January. RJ and I got a special package with great seats and a meal. It was a lot of fun.

RJ and Reagan
The Timberwolves led by 8-15 points until the end of the fourth quarter. In the last few minutes the Jazz pulled ahead for the win.

Christmas at the Reeves

On Christmas Eve, we had some friends over and the kids played and went sledding while we visited and drank caramel apple cider, YUM. In the evening we read Luke 2 and drove around to see the results of the house lighting competition. My favorite house had all white lights. It was very classy. Before bed, we all got to open a special present. Of course it was our Christmas Eve jammies which we love. Grandma and Grandpa Morrison sent the kids their jammies.
Hunter sporting his cool dinosaur duds.

Reagan wondering what in the world is going on.

Our little monkey!

All three monkeys.

RJ got a robe instead of pajamas this year since he wasn't sure he needed another pair of sleep wear.
The kids went down suprising well knowing that Santa could not come until they were asleep. RJ and I were up late "taking care of business" and Reagan. We all slept like a dream until 7 am when Reagan woke me up. I was feeding her when I heard Hunter waking McKenna up. I heard them go down the stairs and stop on the landing. "Oh my gosh" McKenna said drawing it out. In keeping with RJ's Christmas experience, we didn't set out any presents from us until Christmas Eve night. Until Christmas morning, there were just presents from extended family under the tree. It must have been a sight to have the tree lights flashing, the presents multiplied by 10, stockings filled and Santa's presents staring them in the face! They couldn't help but trickle down the stairs to take a peek. I think Hunter began to wonder if they were supposed to be down there without us. "Let's go get mom and dad" he urged McKenna. They ran upstairs in a hurry and flew threw my door. "Santa came! Santa came!" We gathered in our room and read the acts of service we had performed or that had been done for us from our manger. Then we said a family prayer before heading down. We looked through stockings and let the kids play with their Santa gifts while RJ and I started a yummy french toast breakfast.

Reagan's first Christmas!

RJ hit the ball out of the park this year! He got me some great things off of my list like the new Josh Groban CD and an adorable scarf and gloves. The best gift by far though was my years worth of dates. RJ researched and planned 12 dates throughout the year (one a month). This is a calendar listing all of our dates. He also did a brief write up of each activity. Here are the dates you will be hearing about all next year: January- Attending an art gallery February- "The Winters Tale" a play by Shakespear March- Big 10 Gymnastics Championship April- Bike ride and picnic also an anniversary mystery dinner May-Tour of the Mississippi June- A night at Arch Rocks Inn on the Oregon Coast July-Nauvoo Pageant August-a sprint triathlon September- golfing trip October- Keight Urban concert November- Timberwolves game December- Holiday performance. It's like a neverending Christmas! I'm so excited!

Hunter wanted a dog for Christmas. Instead, he got a battery operated one with many accessories like a dog bed, jacket, shirt, blanket, feeding bowl and dog toy. He also got bakugan and pokemon cards and games from Santa.

Santa left McKenna a doll house like Grandma Morrison's (in the background). She was so excited about the candy in her stocking that she wanted RJ to take a picture of each item individually.

This is a commericial for target. Hunter really wanted a gift card. I think he thought it would be like a limitless credit card.

I think they got pretty spoiled. I keep thinking that we need to cut back to about 3 presents each but of course I'm the one who goes over every year.

McKenna with her mixer and blender.

Santa left a tinkerbell costume for McKenna.

Tink takes flight.

Hunter is a star wars dude.
It was a really fun morning being with and watching the kids. We had a delicious ham dinner with a mock grasshopper pie dessert. We really missed being with family this year though. It would have been nice for the kids to run around with their cousins and RJ and I missed the company of the adults. It was probably the most homesick I've been since we moved.