Sunday, April 21, 2013



I took this picture on Thursday (April 18th)!  I feel like we are stuck in the movie “Groundhog’s Day” and this “day” (season) will never end!  At least my good husband is making the most of it building snow tunnels with the kids.

House of Cards

Hunter learned how to build a house of cards at school and was excited to practice at home (at bedtime of course when he had nothing else to do).  He kept going and built a card city.


Sleepy Head


Reagan has been skipping her naps.  I try to put her down but 30 minutes later she shouts that she is done.  I give in after some whining by both McKenna and Reagan (McKenna begs me to let her out), figuring at least bedtime will be a cinch.  She loves to play outside but hates being dragged in when it’s time for me to make dinner.  She threw a monster tantrum for 15 minutes the other day until she reached the point of exhaustion, falling asleep face down in the entry way.

Incentive Program

We have had some issues with respect as of late.  Hunter shared with us how his teacher handles it at school- respect tickets.  We created a system where the kids can earn a respect ticket between waking-lunch, lunch-dinner, and dinner-bedtime (3 total/day).  We bought raffle tickets at the dollar store and seized the post Easter candy sales.  We transformed one of Reagan’s diaper wipe boxes into a “treasure box” and filled it with candy, toys, crafts, gift cards, and coupons.  Each item is priced and we open the box  every Friday.  Hunter has really impressed me with his ability to save his tickets for what he really wants.  McKenna can’t help but buy candy every week.  Reagan gets to pick something out of the box each week because she’s the most polite person in this house.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Sunday

We did Easter a little different this year.  We took the kids to Target on Saturday and let them pick out $5 worth of stuff for their baskets.  We bought candy, grass and eggs to supplement “their” purchases.  The kids put their baskets together and we hid them after breakfast.  I wrote a separate scavenger hunt with four clues for each of the kids and RJ (who just got a giant egg full of reeces chocolate candies).  We also hid colored coded eggs so they knew which ones were theirs.  I got a bag of dark chocolate chips for myself;) 

Marchpics 338Marchpics 339Marchpics 340Marchpics 341

Hunter complained about his basket being too easy to find last year so this year we hid it in the trunk of the van.  It took him a while.

Hunter and McKenna were too busy playing with their new packets of Pokemon cards to take pictures before church.  Here’s one of our little bunnies looking so cute.


The Rowley's invited us over for dinner.  We ate a delicious ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole, salad, dutch apple pie and coconut cream pie.  So fun and yummy too.  We are so glad to have Paul and Cheryl for friends.

Spring Break

RJ had to go out of town for work so the kids and I tried to find some free things to do close to home. 

We colored Easter eggs.

Marchpics 332Marchpics 333Marchpics 334Marchpics 336Marchpics 337

We went to McDonald’s for lunch then walked around Cabela’s.  It was a very fun and unique store.