Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hunter's Birthday continued...

I guess there's no height limit on this bin of balls.

A bunch of silly heads

Hunter wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (he's his mother's son).
Here he is lighting his candle with the "fire stick."

The cupcake seemed too small to stick 5 candles in.

He wanted a football like his cousins. We have since played no-nonsense football in the street. RJ blocks for Hunter. Hunter runs like he is "Dash" in The Incredibles. It's a winning team!

He didn't want a sweater but he needed something to keep him warm on Sunday.

"This is what I wanted" he smiled. Music to a parent's ears!

Dave and Mila's Visit

Our close friends, Dave and Mila Newcomb flew out with their daughter June to spend a few days with us! We had so much fun. I wish I would have taken more pictures.

I made my first ever batch of gingerbread. Originally, I envisioned us doing gingerbread houses as a family activity. Once Dave and I got started our frienldy little family activity turned into a full out competition. We had fun. When we finished, we let the kids eat or build more onto the houses.

Hunter and June playing with Pokeman cards. It was fun having a playdate for Hunter for 4 days.

Decorating the Tree

We had a record breaking tree decorating night with the help of the missionaries.
Of course we had other special helpers too.
Hunter wants his ornament on the highest branch.

Unfortunately for him, McKenna has a helper of her own giving her a height advantage.

McKenna is as excited about our finished tree as she is for her imminent bedtime.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree

A Family Tradition

Every year we go up to Volstedts to cut down our Christmas tree.
We like our little "train" ride as we get pulled behind a tractor.

We like picking out the most perfect, cheapest, 6 1/2 foot douglas fir we can find. We keep telling ourselves that next year, we are going to get a noble.

Daddy, Hunter and McKenna.
All smiles after a nice cup of hot chocolate and a cookie.

Getting In Touch With Our Artistic Side

Look who's painting!

McKenna located the paints in a craft drawer some time ago. I finally decided to let her try them out. I'm affraid she likes it.

I bought these finger paints for Hunter a few years ago. He tried using his fingers once and hasn't done it since. He prefers using a paintbrush. McKenna is not one for parameters. She says, "finger paints? Ha, I will use them as toe, foot, knee or arm paints if I want!"

He's a Hard Working Man!

Hard worker or child slave labor?
Either way, the job got done!

Grandpa hooked us up with a free truck load of fire wood.

Hunter would make grandpa Reeve proud. He loaded up the whole truck himself! We handed him the wood and he hunched down and stacked it all. He wouldn't let us help if we wanted to. He was on a mission.

Mission accomplished!

Thanksgiving 2009!

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go!

Matt & Carda, Beth & Matt and us headed to mom and dad's for a great thanksgiving weekend. RJ and I "sacrificed" by sleeping out in the RV. The real ones to sacrifice were mom and dad. They got up with McKenna (who has adopted a horrible sleep habit of waking up between 4:30 and 6:30 am). Thanks mom and dad for a once in a life time non interrupted night of sleep!

Hunter and his cousin Bailey.
At least someone is happy to have a wonderful and plentiful thanksgiving meal.

McKenna digging in

Thanks to Carda, I didn't overeat....that bad. She brought her workout videos and dragged me and matt for a run.