Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hunter’s Triathlon

Hunter’s friend told us about a kids triathlon.  We were excited for Hunter to be able to compete with kids his own age.  He trained more or less over the course of the summer.  It turns out that we should have taken him swimming more but that’s true of almost all triathletes.  RJ took all the kids because I was in Wisconsin running a 200 mile relay race.  I felt really bad to miss it and asked RJ for regular updates and lots of pictures.  Hunter did not want to wear his swim cap.  I have no idea what his time or place was but I am very proud of him.






Special Girls

Nothing melts my heart more than seeing my kids love each other!  Even though we have bunk beds, McKenna must have climbed down and fallen asleep holding hands with Reagan.


RJ taught the girls how to play Chubby Bunny.  Gross!


Daddy Daughter Campout

While Beth was here, RJ took the girls on the ward daddy daughter campout.  He said it was the best father/child campout he’d done.  I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that there were no T-storms and tornado watches.  The girls were very excited to get their dad to themselves as well as a bottle of root beer.  There were hundreds of little frogs around the site and the girls spent most of their time going on frog hunts.  Reagan accidently put all of her frogs to “sleep.”  One of the older girls gathered everyone and painted all their nails (not your average camping activity).  I am glad that everyone came home very happy and somewhat rested.


Introducing Beth to the Land of 10,000 Lakes


Beth had a disappointing 40th birthday this year so I talked to RJ about having her come out and doing some fun things with us as my birthday gift and in exchange for my Ragnar registration fees.  In the process of planning this sister reunion, Matt pulled together an amazing make-up gift for Beth and created a huge Amazing Race surprise party with all of her friends and family.  RJ told me I could have Ragnar AND my sister!  I did sell some things around the house to “earn” some extra money.

Beth flew in Wednesday, July 30th and we went straight from the airport to one of Minnesota’s biggest attractions, the Mall of America.  I had her, Hunter and McKenna do a ropes course with a giant zip line and slide while Reagan and I watched from below.


McKenna had hard time getting her suspension rope to slide in front of her so she could move forward.  Beth’s motherly skills kicked in and she helped McKenna conquer the course.

RJ met up with us right when they finished and we went to the Mirror Maze so Reagan could participate in something.  Apparently her and McKenna both ran into mirrors on accident but everyone made it out of the maze in 4 minutes!  They went through several more times.


Wednesday night we played co-ed volleyball with my volleyball friends.  It was a lot of fun even though I couldn’t play my hardest.  Beth blocked one of the men and I was so proud of her!

Thursday morning was RJ’s birthday.  Beth and I drove to a donut shop and bought some yummy donuts for breakfast.  Before eating, RJ, Hunter and Beth ran 4 miles while I pulled Reagan in the trailer on my bike and McKenna rode her own bike.

The kids were so excited about having RJ open his presents that we had to do it that morning.  RJ bought himself T-25 a few weeks before his birthday but I still wanted him to have something to open the day of his birthday.  I went into kahoots with Beth and bought a Dungeon game he played growing up and seemed to enjoy while we were at the Reeve family reunion this summer.  Beth ordered it with her Amazon prime account so we wouldn’t get any confirmation or shipping emails giving away RJ’s surprise.  As it turned out, RJ bought the game for himself as well.  Beth gave RJ two workout shirts that he loves.


After presents, we packed a lunch and drove up to St. Cloud to the Quarry Park to do some cliff jumping.  Cheryl Rowley and her boys joined us.






We splashed around by the dock for awhile then RJ, McKenna and Beth went over to the big rocks to jump.




McKenna had fun jumping off the lower ledge by herself and told daddy she was ready for the big one.  He wanted to make sure she was ready so he asked several times.  She assured him she was so they stepped up to the ledge holding hands with a crowd of people waiting behind them.  McKenna balked at the last second but RJ was already committed.  He was afraid if he let go, she would fall down the front of the rocks so he held on and pulled her with him.  She ended up going head first!  I’m glad I didn’t see.  When she came up all she said was that she got water in her nose.

Beth was a cliff jumping pro.



Beth helped me make her delicious teriyaki chicken for dinner.  I made a lemon sour cream pie instead of cake at RJ’s request.


Beth cut McKenna’s hair and trimmed Reagan’s bangs.  Sometime later Reagan found the scissors and gave herself a hair cut!


While Hunter was at a birthday party and RJ and the girls were at the daddy daughter campout, Beth and I went for a bike ride around Rice Lake and checked out the local Goodwill.  Beth scored some awesome apparel she had been looking for.


Beth helped the girls make cake pops.


Saturday, after a long night of camping, RJ and Beth ran the Twin Cities Muckfest for MS. I was so glad Beth could come the weekend she did so she could take my place.  She kicked butt!  I felt bad that the race was so late in the day and the temperatures were so hot.  I was sweating just watching!




The kids  were great.  They even took a lot of the pictures.  Reagan eventually fell asleep.







After the run, Beth had a hunkering for cake bites so we hit up a fancy bakery in down town Saint Paul.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have cake bites but Beth bought some huge macaroons, a brownie for me, and fancy cupcakes.


Beth painted the girls’ nails like little watermelons on Sunday morning.


Beth flat ironed McKenna’s hair and put it in a bobby pin.  She was quite thrilled with it.


We received notice that Grandma Blanche was not doing well and not expected to make it very much longer.  We took a family picture and emailed it to my dad with a note to take to her in the hospital.  She has since returned home and is doing better.


Beth looks pretty cute in my sexy sister day apron.


We took advantage of Beth’s salon talents and she cut RJ’s hair in record time and highlighted mine as good as any top notch salon.  I’m so grateful.  She’s so talented!  I figure, if you like me, wait ‘til you meet my sister!

Monday was my birthday.  RJ made his famous cinnamon rolls Sunday night so we could pop them in the oven Monday morning.  They were delicious!  My friend took all three of the kids for a few hours in the afternoon.  Beth and I went to some more consignment shops and found a few more good deals.  So many great people gave me treats for my birthday I couldn’t stomach the thought of having cake and ice cream.  When Beth was looking through some old pictures of me, she said of all the colors and cuts I have had, she like blond and wispy layers in the front.  I went ahead and took a picture with me to Fantastic Sam’s and got a haircut. 

Beth made her special French bread which is amazing and RJ made my favorite spaghetti for dinner.  I was very surprised when the kids shouted that they wanted me to open presents.  I felt like I had celebrated my birthday all week hanging out with Beth.  I couldn’t believe that they went and did MORE!  RJ bought me an arm band to hold my phone while I ran.  It’s just what I was wanting to use for my Ragnar race.  Beth gave me several of her favorite chap sticks and lip glosses as well as 3 new OPI nail polishes!



It was hard to say goodbye to Beth.  She’s an amazing sister.