Thursday, October 22, 2009

My First Quilt

McKenna's room is pink, green, and white. I was in need of a new project so I thought I would "whip" together a quilt for her when she graduates to her toddler bed. On sister day, we about finished quilting Sage's quilt in 3 hours... but there were 12 of us! It was a long process and I'm not sure I even want her to touch it now.

McKenna's room has a ballet theme. I thought it woudl be fun to make some throw pillows for the bed with appliques of ballerina's or ballet slippers on them. I couldn't find any appliques and you know what? Necessity really is the mother of invention. I created these ballet slipper pillows. RJ laughs at how pointy they are. You know what they say... fools mock!

Here We Come 2024!

We signed McKenna up for a gymnastics class at OSU. I have been so excited to put this leotard on her. Here she is, the next Shawn Johnson. Actually, it would be scary for me to watch her do gymnastics. Do you realize how often a tiny mistake could lead to serious injury or death? I think I can handle somersaults and bunny hops!

Isn't she cute?

She likes the rhinestones!

Queen of the Throne

Look whose on the potty!
She might want to put those goggles on with the way she peers into the toilet to see what she has created.

There is nothing quite like a big brother's support.

Fancy Panties! Grandma bought McKenna some sparkly elmo undies.

Gilbert House

Fun at the Gilbert House (discovery center) with Grandma and Grandpa
RJ beckons the children to pet the iguana puppet

I don't think they want to!

Hunter and McKenna are going on a bear hunt

I always wanted to be a thespian! Here I am with the kidos in my debut: Five Sharp Tooth Buzzards

RJ and McKenna having fun with bubbles.
It took some cajoling to get RJ to put that wand down.

Grandma and the dino chair

Hunter sitting in what looks to be Papa Bear's chair

Safety First

What a friendly store clerk!
The kids had fun pretending to shop in this child size store.

Hunter going "green"

Did you check to make sure that none of those were cracked sissy?